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You've Got Mail: Join This Letter-Writing Circle To Send Kind Words To Strangers

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Meet The Letter Earthlings, a small-knit group of good-willed people who sit down every once in a while, and write down kind words in a letter to strangers, near and far.

    Stranger Things Have Happened

    Here’s how it works, the organisation opens up a Google form, asking people to put in their letter requests for people they love, themselves included. Then an hour is set, in which pens are put together and letters, full of words good, real and kind are sent to the people for whom the requests were put up.

    Maybe these people are going through a rough patch, or just deserve more love. There is no limitation on where the letter can go – could be any part of the world. Now here’s the bit we have been saving till the last, you can become a part of their letter-writing service, where you can volunteer and write letters at their monthly letter-writing circles. These letters are then sent anonymously to the intended recipients {the costs are borne by the organisers}.

    The first session in Mumbai took place on Jan 8 at Scrumptious Café in Andheri.

    One Love

    The Goodwill Tribe was formed in Dubai to spread happiness and love across the world through little gestures and activities. This letter-writing project one of their many projects.

    So, We’re Saying…

    Round up your chores, take your everyday problems and put them away in a box for the two hours that you spend with other happy people, simply writing to people you don’t know, because it will make them happy too.

    The next event is on next Saturday, July 22 and is taking place at Candies in Bandra. Are you going? Follow them on Facebook here for more details. 

    Photos source: The Goodwill Tribe