You Can Now Help Create India's First LGBT Networking App & We Tell You How


Delta could possibly become India’s first ever app that will be purely dedicated to the LGBT networking and community. And you can help set it up by donating to their funding campaign – and this is our call to action to ya’ll.

Mobilising The LGBT Community

Delta is the brainchild of co-founder Ishaan Sethi {Brown University graduate} who wants to build a strong platform for the LGBT community in India. The brand is being backed by advisors on board – Sachin Bhatia {founder and ex-CMO of makemytrip}, and Rahul Kumar, co-founder of trulymadlydeeply.

Amidst the gazillion apps floating around in the market, Delta looks to stand out by using technology to further the cause of the community – by providing a safe environment for people to come out, and engage with others from the LGBT community. There’s going to be networking events, a platform for like-minded people to meet, and share their thoughts. One of the most important feature of the app will be its security verification process, that is, Delta will make sure that the people on the app are thoroughly vetted. This is done to ensure the authenticity of the app, and the community its aiming to build its base from.

India so far has been lagging behind in building a secure and a safe LGBT community. With Delta’s three different verticals, that is, help connect like-minded people through a thorough vetted process, aide networking forums through offline and online events and also collaborate with venues, restaurants, and businesses, and finally provide access to resources, there seems to be a wave of change.

How Can You Help?

By simply logging on to Bit Giving, and funding the Delta campaign here. Anyone, and everyone can pitch in to donate. No amount is little here, and there’s not enough generosity.

Delta will mobilise a network of LGBT-friendly therapists, sec education, counselling sessions, legal aid, healthcare and everything that the community isn’t being able to access openly. However, keeping in mind the restraints of the country and the sensitivity of the community, all bases including legal issues will be looked into before proceeding with the app.

The app has currently risen 10 per cent of its goal, and there’s nothing more gratifying than helping out a homegrown brand dedicated to the often on-the fringes LGBT community. The funds will aide in building the app, help run its operation costs, market the product in the market, and bring in a team that understands the essence of the brand.

So, We're Saying...

You can read more about Delta here, in order to truly get behind the kickass brand initiative.

To fund, and donate for Delta, you can go here. If you have donated already, or want to, you can join them thunderclap here, and help spread the word.