What Is It?

One of the best alcohol deals this year is here. Free your calendar, buy your train tickets, and head to 3 Wise Monkeys in Vashi tomorrow {the 9th of December} to get a pint of beer for INR 9 only.

Who Is It For?

Who isn’t it for is the real question? Unless you absolutely hate beer, and hate saving money, it’s for you, buddy. Living a little far away from the place is only a constraint in your head, which we’re sure you can overcome.

Well, and also for one of the founders of 3 Wise Monkeys, whose birthday 3 Wise Monkeys in Vashi is celebrating tomorrow.

Why Should I Go?


Photo source: Jessicagosling via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

All day long from noon till 1 am, a pint of Kingfisher Draught beer {and this particular beer only} will be sold for just 9 bucks. Absolutely no terms, besides that you can order a glass for yourself at a time, as you would normally.

So, We’re Saying…

Tomorrow is probably going to be a blackhole in your memory with all the beer-guzzling that will be going down, and you will only spend INR 90 in the process {taxes probably not included}. All the best.

Where: 3 Wise Monkeys, Hotel Wanton House, Plot 4, Sector 26, Palm Beach Road, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

When: Fri, Dec 9

Timings: noon–1am

Price: INR 9 for a pint of Kingfisher draught

Featured photo source: 3 Wise Monkeys