What Is It?

Small Plates is a food festival running across 15 of Mumbai’s top restaurants. You’ll get to try 16 small plates from each restaurant’s menu {12 appetisers and four desserts} at a nominal charge of INR 1,200 per diner.

Who Is It For?


For those of you who like variety. You’ll be served no less than 16 dishes at each restaurant, including four desserts and 12 vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

It’s a great way to try the maximum number of dishes at any restaurant; you can of course form favourites and order those a la carte when you head there after the festival.

Why Should I Go For It?

Because, food. Also, you can re-order your favourite dishes from all the ones you’re served at no additional cost!

Renowned restaurants such as The Fatty Bao, The Sassy Spoon and Cafe Zoe will be participating.

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When: Oct 14 – Oct 23

Where: Across 15 restaurants in the city; click here for the full list.

Photos courtesy: Small Plates