Ten-Second Takeaway

The launch of a new EP and a wish to create an intimate space for music, have beautifully combined to create a three-gig series called The Living Room Tour, which will continue as a concept for other performances as well.

What Is It?

Organised by Ramya Pothuri, Ronit Sarkar {aka Awkward Bong} and Rishi Bradoo {producer of the EP and member of BLEK}, this is a series of three gigs held in Mumbai, but not in a noisy bar or distracted restaurant. As the name suggests, it takes place in the eponymous living room, or places as warm and homely as that.

The main motive has been to launch 20-year-old Ramya Pothuri’s newest EP {more than a single, less than a full album} which has four beautiful acoustic Indie-folk songs written and sung by her. The Living Room Tour also showcases other great talent from the city, such as Short Round, Vernon Noronha, Abeineth, among others.  During the last gig {for now} on the 29th, you will hear Mali, Fat Yellow Moon, Nush Lewis, The Tripp, and Awkward Bong, and other artists.

The reason for this being a quieter affair is that vocals and guitar usually tend get drowned out by the chattering and buzzing of a regular gig place, whereas in smaller rooms with fewer distractions, they shine.

So, We’re Saying…

Although two of the three concerts have already taken place, we think that the third one to be held in Bandra shouldn’t be missed. Hear some new music, have a great time. Also, keep an eye out on their Facebook page, since the founders are planning on making The Living Room Tour a fairly regular occurence.

#LBBTip: On your way, make a pit-stop so that you can BYOB.

Hear her album here. Like it? Download it on iTunes here. Find her on Facebook here to keep posted about the details of their next event.

Where: 1504, 15th floor Jolly Highrise Co-op Society A/241, Pali Mala Road Pali Hill, Bandra {West}

When: Thurs, 29 Sept

Price: Free

Timings: 7pm onwards