Ten-Second Takeaway

Loaded is a dessert bar on Pali Hill, and it’s known for its amazing waffles and dessert sandwiches: but it has everything a sugar hound needs to fulfill a craving.

Chow Down


There’s more sweet than savoury on the menu, which is to be expected from a dessert bar, and the three main sections are crêpes, waffles and sandwiches. Their milkshakes are fantastic and filled to the brim.

The dish to beat was a red velvet crêpe and it’s beautiful. There’s a sneaky brownie hidden inside the red crêpe, and the cheese is sweet cream cheese which is to die for. It is a must try. If you’re not having that, you have to have the white chocolate and brownie sandwich.


Anything Else?

It’s really small, so it’s quite intimate. The staff is really friendly and helpful. My friends and I can sit here for hours talking over cups of coffee and multiple desserts. Their music selection is on point. It’s good for students on a budget, as well as people with a major sweet tooth and dessert addiction.

It’s better to go in a small group since it is a very small place. Use public transportation, and carry cash.

So, We’re Saying…

I suggest taking a walk down to this place from Bandra station, and walking back once you’re done: because you’ll definitely end up overeating here.

Photos source: Loaded – The Dessert Bistro