Local Secrets: This Salon In Juhu Has The Best Service And Complimentary Snacks

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Maya parlour in Juhu is one of the best serviced, well-kept salons in the city, and it has a secret too.

Frankie Says Relax

Run by a Parsi lady, Maya parlour is a salon we’ve been visiting since many years now and we are letting out the secret today. It is located near Prithvi Theatre in Juhu, and is a small salon run by a very polite yet lively staff.

We have usually gone there for our very necessary appointments – a pedicure or waxing. Their pedicure starts at INR 750, and they add a little something special to the warm water: some rose petals, bath salts and more.

Here’s a little tip: go for your waxing to a lady named Mavis, who is super efficient and takes only about 30 minutes {give or take} to get through your waxing regime.

Anything Else?

The owner of the parlour, Maya is also a chef and owns a catering business. For those who have billed above a certain amount, she gives something had she has handcooked, be it a snack, a little dip to take back home. Isn’t that lovely?

So, We're Saying...

Enjoy the service {and the food} at Maya’s. And do remember to take an appointment. This lil parlour tends to run busy.


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