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Get Espresso & Cashew-Flavoured Ice Cream At This Lokhandwala Dessert Parlour

    Andheri West, Mumbai


    We went to Brain Freeze in Lokhandwala and we can hereby tell you that they definitely make the most amazing coffee ice cream and even a customised chocolate bar.

    Say Whaaat?

    Brain Freeze truly surprised us. They have a fantastic variety of ice creams, in flavours that are both unique and delicious {they even have a cashew ice cream}. In that section, though, our favourite was the electric espresso that so beautifully brought in the flavour of coffee in the form of an ice cream.

    We were also very intrigued with their customised chocolate bar section. It’s a three-step process- you choose flavour of the bar, the flavour you’d like to dip it in and what amazing toppings you’d like. And just like that, you will have something oh-so-delectable to indulge in. Brain Freeze also has waffles for those who’d like something apart from our favourites there.

    The place is has people coming in and out all the time, and tends to get a little crowded on the weekends.

    So, We're Saying...

    Brain Freeze is just like any other ice cream parlour, except that it is a little better.

      Andheri West, Mumbai