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Check Out Karma Kettle's Caffeine-Free Teas If You're Trying To Cut Down

Shalvi posted on 9th February

Ten Second Takeaway

If, like us, you too suffer from a rare disorder called ‘tea addiction’, then it’s time you check out Karma Kettle. Their range of teas, especially the detox ones will give you comfort and health benefits together.

Tell Me More

We love Karma Kettle and their wide collection of teas {we’re addicts and we accept it}. When we stumbled upon Priti and Dhiraj Arora’s brand at a pop-up, the smell of the freshly brewing tea dragged us to their stall. And one cup down, we were intrigued and thirsty for more {we hadn’t ever tried chocolate flavoured tea till then}.

Karma Kettle is a brand that is hugely inspired by global travels and cultures. They create unique blended teas inspired by international flavors and travels and manufacture these from Kolkata {and send them to you wherever you are}. With over 40 different blends of teas to choose, you will be spoilt for choice.

What Should I Buy?

Tea, tea and more tea. They have many unique blends, but if you’re looking to detox without having to give up on your favourite beverage, we say check out their tisanes or herbal teas {completely caffeine-free}. We recommend flavours such as bliss {chamomile and lemongrass blend that will uplift your mood, INR 300 for 25 teabags}, karakoram {lavender, Seabuckthorn and nettle blend that’s super aromatic, INR 300 for 25 teabags}, nathula {Rhododendron, tulsi and marigold blend which is delicious, INR 300 for 75gms}, table mountain {Rooibos, liquorice, sage, fennel and vanilla blend that rather sooting, INR 400 for 75gms} and much more.

There are plenty of other options available too, for those of you who don’t wish to detox, but just enjoy an aromatic cup of chai. Karma Kettle delivers across the country, and orders above INR 500 are shipped without charges. Click here to start shopping.

So, We're Saying...

Get your daily tea fix from Karma Kettle and we promise you will love us for this recommendation.

Karma Kettle

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