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Food, Health And Yoga: Five Instagram Accounts To Inspire Every Fitness #Goal

Jayati posted on 6th January

We 100% believe in the whole philosophy of 'New Year, New Me'. It gives everyone a chance to set a goal, and slowly work towards it. Now that the new year, 2017 is upon us, we are all about getting fit and living a healthy lifestyle. If you're also looking for inspiration, then follow these accounts on Instagram to get your blood pumping and hit the floor.

Natasha Noel 

Excusitis is a contagious disease that manifests in the infected person with excuses for everything in life. It is usually brought on by the “tisnot myfaultis” virus, occuring in the majority of the population. I hear this a lot. "But, I just don't have the time." "I'm so busy," or "I've been so caught up, I don't have the luxury of time!" Or "I have a high paced life, I don't have any time at all to any workout." I completely understand that you need to make an excuse for yourself to make yourself feel that you are busier than a president of the world. Ironic fact: Even S/he has has the time to workout, my friend! But, honestly get off your high horse! If you want it that bad, you got to work as hard. Unfortunately, there is no genie​. You got to makes your wishes into positive habits and those habits make your reality.  Everyone is busy but you got to make the time. Otherwise the days, months, years will pass you by and you have made anyone and everyone/your work a priority, but yourself. Make the time for yourself, to better yourself. Your health is important… I don’t care who you are. You can be in literally any physical condition and workout. You are never too far gone, and you are never too fit. In order to reach a goal first you have to start. Every workout is another chance to rid yourself of doubt and make yourself better. Remember that stretching is just as important as your workout. To read my full blog post in my bio. It's called" Kill your Excusitis disease, Today!" Practise daily. Stay safe. Stay humble.🙏❤ Much love😊🙏 ashtanga #Dancer #ashtangaYoga #NikeMumbai #BetterForIt #JustDoIt #yogaeverywhere #yoga #Muscles #yogaeverydamnday #yogalove #Abs #yogadaily #yogajunkie #igyogafamily #yogaanywhere #yogajourney #fit #fitness #FitWomen #fitfam #fitspo #fitnessaddict #fitnessfreak #HealthyLiving #HealthyLifestyle #passion #dreams #NeverGiveUp

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Natasha Noel dons multiple hats: dancer, photographer and yoga trainer. Follow her on Instagram for some serious positivity and inspiration. For her fitness boils down to maximising one's potential, not restricted to exercising.

Noel is rather uninhibited when it comes to her own body image, something she believes is the first step for getting on the fitness path. From regular yoga asanas, to short quick videos on how to get a posture correct, we found ourselves highly motivated. She is all about self-love and acceptance, and if that's what you need and what she propagates, follow her. You also get beautiful uplifting captions along with her posts as an added bonus.

You can also follow her on her blog here.

Amrita Kaur 

**New Recipe Video** Sarso Ka Salad & Makke De Crackers 🌱✌🏻 TBH, I went to the market to buy ingredients for classic traditional Makke De Roti and Sarso Ka Saag but then I realized Bombay winters are not even real winters I should make something light and fun and still use all the beautiful seasonal produce 🌱 Apart from seasonal eating, Ayurveda also talks about including all six tastes in each meal (Shad Rasa) so I included all six tastes in this salad! Check out the video : (Clickable link in the profile) Big thanks to @shirinmehrotra for shooting this video for me and for @assadajd for putting it together so beautifully ❤️ #Ayurveda #AyurvedaForLife #MindfulLiving #Vlogger #Youtuber #Subscribe #JeevanSafal #Salads #WhyShouldSaladsBeBoring

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@AmritaOfLife is the one looking for healthy food inspiration, and lifestyle motivation. Amrita Kaur, who went from eating all kinds of meat to turning vegetarian and then learning the art of Ayurveda. Her posts, therefore, talk about the right kind of food and ingredients one needs to adapt for a clean and healthy living.

She is all about mindful living and exudes positivity about lifestyle change. Her account details her upcoming cooking workshops, food products that you can buy from her and eating the right kind of food - be it fresh, local or even seasonal. We also love the Sanskrit quotes that she shares with her followers, a reflection of her own journey and serving inspiration for the ones looking out for it.

Jahnavi Sheriff 

Jahnavi Sheriff is a kickass dancer {part of the Smash crew} and a certified yoga instructor. She is currently running a series on fitness, ' Yoga for Dancers'.

The yoga poses and the dance videos posted on the account are pure bliss. She's edgy, inspiring and super fun. Her workouts are really engaging, and the sneak peak into her dance videos are really playful. If you want to get inspired and take up dancing and yoga or both, this is one account you need to follow.

#LBBTip: She also takes classes in Bandra which you can sign up for.

Protima Tiwary 

When I started working out religiously this January, I knew getting a tone by the year end was the only goal I was working towards. Good thing I'm stubborn, I got what I wished for ✌ I've missed after parties, opted to sleep on a Saturday night, avoided alcohol, said no to pizza, reduced my sugar intake, and invested in health and fitness. "Your stamina is great" is the best compliment I've received, "you're strong" "you've got muscles!" make me blush. Sweat is the only make up I need for my selfies 😝 💥💣💥💣💥💣💥💣 More sweat, less negativity. Booyah 💪✌ . . . . . . #blogger #blog #health #healthy #healthyliving #fit #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #fitspiration #teamfitness #pune #igers #HIIT #homeworkouts #exercise #followme #followforfollow #follow4follow #instadaily #motivation #punefitness #india #fitgirls #backworkout #bcpaseena

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Protima Tiwary is the girl next door who loves to workout. For her, the motivation behind her account is to engage with people and make them a part of the fitness movement.

Her account is personal and really fun. Find diet charts and workout routine {including sets of squats, jumping jacks and more} especially the workouts that you can do at home. We say, follow her to get inspired to workout more, and hit the nearest gym.

Taarika Dave Arya 

Sending some good vibes all the way! HAPPY SUNDAY 💕😊✨

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Taarika Arya goes by the name Coach Taarika on Instagram. She is a holistic lifestyle coach and is a strong believer of advocating healthy lifestyle changes rather than resorting to shortcuts.

You'll find recipes to fresh juices, healthy snacks and a lot of inspirational quotes. A colourful and super peppy account, Taarika posts a lot about clean and healthy eating, from benefits of kale to recipes forf quick and healthy snacks. More so, she is super responsive on her account. If you'd like a recipe, or an explanation on how to incorporate a specific diet in your lifestyle, hit her up.

Featured photo source: Natasha Noel