Love Thai? Head Over To The Fatty's Amazin' Race To Thailand Now!

Aditi posted on 06 October


Get ready to discover the little-known flavours of Northern Thailand. Make your way to Fatty's Amazin Race to Thailand and explore delectable local cuisines straight outta Northern Thailand's regions Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Pai and Sukhothai! Here's everything you can expect from their special curated menu.

Team Chiang Mai

Start your meal with dishes from a region that's known for its intense flavours and variety of great food! We're talking about Chiang Mai's popular Mashed Green Banana and Eggplant Salad or Grilled Corn and Prawn Salad with a tamarind, palm sugar and chili dressing.

Team Chiang Rai

Next up, order a portion of Chiang Rai Chicken Wings, which is basically stir fried wings with chili lime and coriander sauce or opt for Karee Puff served with chili sauce and papaya salad (available in both chicken and vegetarian versions). Other dishes from the Chiang Rai region include Pun Sip Neung - steamed rice dumplings with fish served with the famous nam prik sauce and Sai Krok Isan Sausages, a particularly famous Northern Thai delicacy, served with Bird’s Eye chili, cabbage and ginger. 

Team Pai

Chicken lovers! Save some space for delicacies from the Pai region. Take your pick from Phet Nomai Gai Ban - stir fried spicy chicken with bamboo shoots and Pat Krapha Gai - minced chicken and holy basil on jasmine rice, served with a fried egg. If it's too tough a decision, might as well order both!

Team Sukhothai

Wrap up this delicious food trip with a final stopover at the Sukhothai region. The menu boasts of a range of specialties like Khao Soi Curry served with sticky jasmine rice and Kaeng Sohm - a sour and spicy curry with seafood served with garlic fried rice. Other dishes include Sukhothai Style Noodles - thin rice noodles with fish dumpling, dried shrimps and minced chicken and Khanom Jeen Nam Ngiao- a spicy noodle soup with minced pork, tomatoes, vegetables, pickled mustard and rice vermicelli.

So, We're Saying...

Don't just sit around and take a culinary trip to Thailand without burning a hole in your pocket! Block your calendars and take your friends and family to The Fatty Bao near you before Oct 21! Pair your meal with your favourite beverage and you've got yourself the perfect feast.

Meal for two without alcohol, excluding taxes Rs. 1,600 ++Meal for two including alcohol, excluding taxes Rs. 2,500++
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