Get Beautiful Laptop Sleeves, Huge Tote Bags & More From The Kalakar Co

Great For


We’re looking at upping our handbag game this year with products by The Kalakar Co., a brand we came across on our regular Instagramming expeditions.

What Makes It Awesome

This Mumbai-based company makes interesting, everyday handbags, pouches, totes, clutches and even laptop bags that are all handmade with vegan leather. We really like their tote bags, not only because they’re spacious enough to dump all our belongings into without a care in the world but also because they’re simple enough to wear every day.

Their acrylic transparent clutches, fold-over clutches (with cutesy prints such as ice-cream and florals), and cube slings are some of our favourite things.

The laptop sleeves are quite adorable too, and the most practical one is one which has a small slip for you to hold it comfortably. The bags are all reasonably priced with a range starting at INR 1000 and going up to about INR 2,500.

Place your order by getting in touch with them on Facebook or Instagram, and you can make the payment via a bank transfer, COD or Paytm, and your bag will be delivered within 1-2 working days.

So, We’re Saying…

We’re going to put an end to the slow and casual degradation of our beloved laptops. Let’s cover them poor screens with these sleeves, shall we?