What Is It?

A modern retelling of the Mahabharata will be showing at the National Centre for the Performing Arts this week. Set in 2016, the play, Shakuntala Awaits, will seeĀ 25-year-old Shakuntala and 45-year-old Dushyant meet in a bookstore in Mumbai and fall in love within the 48 hours they have. Dushyant then must leave Mumbai to return to Cambridge, and Shakuntala must deal with the events that unfold after this, which ultimately culminate with her heading to Cambridge.

Who Is It For?


For those who are fans of both myth and Mumbai. This play is a part of the Centrestage theatre festival, which is seeing a very exciting line-up this year.

Why Should I Go?

The writer-director, Isheeta Ganguly, has been fascinated with the Mahabharata from a very young age. The play has a very minimalist setting, with only two chairs on the stage. The focus is on Shakuntala’s character, and how she realises her identity.

Anything Else?

The play, which is being staged on November 30, will be a great way to end the month.

Where: Experimental Theatre, NCPA

When: 7pm, Nov 30

Photos source: NCPA MumbaiĀ