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Make Monday Mornings Better With These Five Work-Ready Styles

Mary posted on 05 September

The daily struggle of getting ready for work is real. So often, we've faced our cupboard in the hopes of finding something amazing to wear, and when nothing materialises, we pick up that same go-to outfit everyone's seen a 100 times before. But fret not, because we're helping you add a little bit of glitz and glamour to your work wardrobe, so that you have at least one reason to look forward to work every day.

Want to look sharper than your contemporaries? Check out Pressto India, who will dry clean all your clothes and add that extra value to your work wardrobe. Here are five styles that you can add to your work wardrobe, perfect for every day of the week.

A Well Fitted Suit

For A Monday Board Meeting

A well-made suit is an institution that is hardly bothered by trends, which is why it needs to be part of every wardrobe. So invest in a good suit because this is one piece of apparel that will give you the confidence to put your best foot forward, every single time.

#LBBTip: Get your suit dry cleaned for best results.

The Flattering Blazer

For A Hectic Tuesday

Going formal may just be the best way to make a style statement. A well-tailored, lightweight blazer gives whatever you're wearing good structure. Plus if you work in a less formal environment, you can even wear a blazer over your T-shirt instead of a dress shirt or blouse.

#LBBTip: Never wash expensive blazers in washing machines as it can destroy the fabric. Give them to a professional laundry service provider who can clean them in a proper manner.

The Printed Blouse

For A Relaxed Wednesday

Blouses are so versatile and come in almost all types of patterns and colours. Perfect for conservative offices, they go well with both cardigans and blazers. What's more, a good blouse can easily be adapted from a day at the office to a happy hour afterward.

Whether you wear them with a pencil skirt or your favourite jeans, they will definitely make a great style statement.

#LBBTip: Blouses, especially those made from sensitive fabric, can damage easily. Getting them cleaned by professional laundry cleaners will ensure that they last for a long time, without losing their shine.

A Pair of Jeans

For Casual Thursday

No other piece of apparel manages to be comfortable and chic in equal measure. The best part about a good pair of jeans is that they go with almost any style, and can be worn throughout any season.

Buy a comfortable pair of jeans and team it with your T-shirt or sweatshirts; perfect for a relaxed day at work. If your workplace permits, we definitely recommend some bright colours, other than the classic blue and black.

#LBBTip: Jeans lose their natural fibre very easily, which is why they need professional care. Some good laundry care will ensure that they stay good as new for a longer period of time.

A Semi-Formal Dress

For A Fun Friday

Dresses, especially in fun, bright colours are apt for every work wardrobe, simply because they're so effortless. A lightweight printed dress in a classic and flattering shape is a great choice, because they are versatile, polished and easy for travel. They also work perfectly if you want to go on a dinner afterwards, and with some statement earrings and heels, you're ready to welcome the upcoming weekend as well.

#LBBTip: A good dress is very hard to find, which is why they deserve special care and attention. So always choose a professional dry cleaner who has the training and experience in dealing with these types of garments.

All the above styles will add great structure to your work wardrobe, so take care of them in the right manner. Pressto India provides quality care for your apparel, especially when it comes to something as important as your work attire.

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