Make Tea Cocktails For Your Next Party With These Delish Dessert Teas


We found peace and some crazy ideas with luxury teas from TGL Co. – a Mumbai -based brand that specialises in eclectic blends of teas.

Sip On

We were mesmerised with the flavours that TGL has to offer. Divided into three categories – connoisseur, dessert and wanderlust, each category has a different personality. Connoisseur includes milk oolong {INR 749}, China jasmine {INR 599}, gunpowder {INR 599} and more.

Dessert teas are our personal favourite with pairings like green sencha with strawberry, lavender and rose buds for ‘Strawberry & Champagne’, black tea with orange peel, cardamom and Brazil nuts to make ‘Happy Holidays’ and Ceylon black tea with Irish cream and chocolate. If you’re more of an explorer, go for their wanderlust collection.

You can pair all of their teas with the alcohol of your choice to make it even better. Check out recipes on their website here. We’re definitely pairing Irish Cream with milk, coffee liquer, whisky with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

So, We're Saying...

The teas are spectacular to look at and enchanting to sip on. With every sip, you feel yourself giving way to a relaxed time, even if you are in a meeting. We’d say, treat yourself with these, you deserve it.

Visit their website here.