Living In A Tiny Room? Make Your Window Look Like A Pinterest Dream

Living in Mumbai teaches you two things – to make do with whatever space you have, and to beautify that space as much as you can. With these box-like apartments, and the lack of big balconies or sprawling gardens, windows make for a good alternative, from setting the plants to growing their own herbs. Here are some suggestions for using your window as the best way to make a one-room situation as fancy as possible.

Hang Some Plants

The easiest way to beautify any window would be to hang plants around it. A lot of the windows in Mumbai have window sills, or large spaces outside it, with grills. It’s the perfect place to hang your plants. Get some creepers, and align them to the grills, from beautiful colourful flowery mandevillas to English ivy creepers, which you can get here {starting at INR 300 upwards}.

You can also invest in hanging baskets {which are readily available online, or in nurseries} and add colour to the space. If you’re looking for low maintenance plants, go for the indoor plants that don’t require you to water them as often. You can buy those plants here starting INR 900 upwards.

To buy the hanging baskets, go here and here.

Paint Your Windows

Another quirky way of doing up your windows stylishly can be to use acrylics and pain the windows panes – aztec, monochromes or make your own design using the glass paints. Most of the stationary stores will have these paints in stock, and we recommend stopping by the Art Station in Andheri or Anupam in Goregaon for your fix of DIY supplies.

Curtains, Fabrics And Fairy Lights

To jazz up the already green space, we recommend using wall fabrics and fairy lights {head to Lohar chawl}. You can also go for some handmade cane over head lamps that you can hang near the window {check out Ethnic Arts for lamps starting at INR 250}. Though curtains are the old fashioned way, we did like some of the wall hanging that you can double up as curtains and hang them.

You can also play around with the whimsical wind chimes, and we know the perfect Bandra store that sells eclectic ones, check them out here.

Read more about getting amazing lights from Lohar Chawl in our round-up here.

Upcycle Old Artifacts

We love how some people upcycle the stuff they don’t need anymore at home, and make something useful out of it. For example, it is very easy to use the old tins, old jam bottles for plants. You can either hang them, or just keep them at the window. Other items that can come handy are kettles, cups, and even used deep dishes – just get some soil, and you have a plant growing out of a kitchen item. Check out Yes Yes Why Not for their upcycling hacks and quirky products.

Or if you have birds at home, or for the wild birds, you can also buy an earthen bird feeder, and keep it on the window for them to feed on. Buy the bird feeder here {for INR 179}.

Grow Some Herbs

You can also start your own indoor kitchen herb garden. Grow some fresh herbs, which are easy to take care of and do not require hourly maintenance. Some of the easiest herbs to grow at home are mint, basil, parsley, or even cilantro. All you need is a medium-sized pot, seeds and soil. Once the seeds are sown, in a month’s time you can the herbs sprouting slightly. Make sure you keep them in a sunny area- once they start growing, they require minimal attention but provide maximum usage.

To buy indoor herbs that are easy to take care, go here {INR 150 upwards}