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Are You An Aspiring Young Critic? Here's Your Chance To Get Involved With MAMI

Jayati posted on 15 June

What Is It?

If you’ve been a huge cine buff and want to take a step forward in film journalism {and are also aged between 18 and 23}, MAMI’s Young Critics Lab is the perfect opportunity for you. The lab will conduct two workshops each in August, September and October and the deadline for the same is June 30.

Who Is It For?

If Indian cinema intrigues you, and you want to make a career in film journalism – then this one is for you. We’re thinking get inspired by some of the famous critics in India like Khalid Mohamed, Anupama Chopra, Aniruddha Guha and others who’ve been doing fine film journalism over the years.

Mumbai Academy of Moving Image {MAMI} has taken upon itself to mentor a few  young voices who show potential in this field. All you need to do is send out your application, your motivation to join, along with a few samples of your work {read the details here}.

Why Should I Go?

The point of this initiative is to make sure that the aspiring young critics get the right platform, guidance and insight into the workings of film journalism and critiquing. It will be a six day lab, and there will be two-day workshops each in the months of August, September and October.

Two mentors will be brought on board to guide and lead the young voice {national and international influences}. The applications are open now so get on it and apply away.

Anything Else?

The workshop will hone the skills in a way that will make the selected participants challenge the landscape of film journalism in India currently. The workshops will enhance your knowledge of cinema, nationally and internationally and discuss the various mediums available these days.

To apply, and for more details, go here.

Deadline for the applications is June, 30.