Ten-Second Takeaway

Manish Jolly from Kemps Corner will replicate any designer blouse you’ve seen on screen on your favourite celebrity, but at a much cheaper cost.

Almost A Bollywood Legend

Manish Jolly comes highly recommended from the SoBo women who flock to his store for getting their doze of designer blouses. In their words, a blouse that XYZ actress had worn in that film. Manish Jolly comes from a family business as they’ve been stitching blouses for more than 27 years now. He has a lot of tailors stitching the endless orders they get on a daily basis, but every blouse comes out beautifully.

Not a secret anymore, but Jolly has worked with Sabyasachi Mukherjee, wherein he gets bulk assignments to create blouses. The leftover material doesn’t go waste though, he uses it up to stitch blouses at his store {a cost-effective way to sell designer blouses at a cheap price}.

What We Love


Photo source: Wolfgang Sauber via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Jolly’s skilled workmanship to create hand-stitched blouses with a week. Take a photo of the kind of blouse you want, and within a week you can go and pick it up. The blouses are always well-fitted {confesses a regular customer at the store}. To stitch a simple blouse it’ll cost you INR 1,110 and upwards, with designer ones costing approximately INR 2,200.

Additionally, Jolly is well-versed with all of the latest trends from Bollywood, as most if his clientele includes women who want something similar to what they saw on the silver screen.

So, We’re Saying…

Going for ready-made stuff and then altering it to suit your measurements? Chuck that, and head to Manish Jolly’s store for a handcrafted blouse of your style and choice.

Where: Opposite Shalimar Hotel, in the lane next to Millionaire, Kemps Corner

Contact: 022 23892144, 9820840987

Featured photo source: Jorge Royan / http://www.royan.com.ar / CC BY-SA 3.0