Channel Your Inner Kim Or Cardi-B: 10 Outfits That Will Get You Party-Ready

Bandra West, Mumbai

We’re constantly on the lookout for something new and fun to wear, and on one of those soul-searching-mall-stripping trips, we discovered a store named ‘March’ that has an eclectic range of dresses that are sure to entice even the ones who honestly don’t give a flying F. We’ve listed down our ten favourite outfits from the store that can totally rock your boat. Their range does stand out and there’s a lot more where this has come from! The store mostly handpicks their collection from Thailand and China, so you’re sure to find a unique mix. So, any time you’re in a fix and need something that helps you stand out, you know where to head.

Summer Floral Mini Dress

This lovely dress has a gorgeous floral pattern and is perfect for those brunches you need to attend. Strappy with pleats at the top, they have it in a range of colours (red, mustard, lilac, pink) to suit your every mood.

Price: INR 2,000

Lacy Mini Dress

This gorgeous lace-knit dress has sleeves that are open at the sides and are then attached to the dress below. Sure to create a fashion statement, you can team it up with chunky jewellery or statement earrings.

Price: INR 4,000

Floral Suede Jacket

Now this one stands out for all the right reasons. Pair it up with a tank top and a skirt and you’re good to go! The material is suede leather with a floral pattern and is great with different looks.

Price: INR 3,600

Sequinned Skirt

This skirt screams ‘disco nights’! Pair it up with a white top or even a bright colour, and you’re good to go. Though, we’d recommend you keep the bling factor (read jewellery) to the bare minimum since you’re already shining like a diamond.

Price: INR 2,500

Summer Skirt & Blouse

Pastel looks great on anyone, and this is no exception. Available in baby blue and a few other shades, this pair is sure to make a statement with its cut and shape. This maxi skirt-blouse combo can be paired up with boots or pumps to add that extra oomph factor.

Price: INR 3,200 for the set

Quilling & Net Skirt

Okay, our hearts kinda stopped when we saw this on display. It’s short, it’s got quilling and it flares beautifully, so obviously, it had to be on our list of favourites. There’s also a white option available.

Price: INR 2,200

Sequinned Jacket

Available in many different shades, we loved this for its mermaid-like colour combo and the fact that it had sequins on it! Pair it with a tank top if you want to take it down a notch, or just pump it up with stilettos and high-rise jeans and you’re set for the day.

Price: INR 3,600

Grecian Maxi Dress

Subtle yet fashionable, this maxi dress can do wonders for your figure. Bunched up in the middle, with an A-line cut and golden polka dots, it can be a part of any occasion.

Price: INR 3,200

Bodycon Dress

While it looks plain in the front, it sets the tone for something unique at the back, with chains that add to the charm of the dress. It also helps that it’s pink.

Price: INR 2,200

Floral Skirt

Made with really soft, breathable fabric, this floral skirt called out to us immediately. You have the choice to either dress down or dress up with this one; it depends on what your mood is. Needless to say, the pattern speaks our language.

Price: INR 2,200

Bandra West, Mumbai