This Mumbai Group Is Educating People About The City's Marine Life & Is Also Organising Walks


Three marine enthusiasts are demystifying the unique marine life that enriches the coastal lines of Mumbai – by spreading awareness and organising coastal walks.

The Forgotten Coastal Life Of Mumbai

Marine Life of Mumbai is spreading coastal awareness, one fish at a time. The group, which is currently active on Facebook, has been started off by Pradip Patade, a kayaking instructor, Abhishek Jamalabad, a marine biologist and Siddharth Chakravarty, an academic researcher in the fishing industry. Together they form this unique group and are in their own way spreading awareness about the rich marine biodiversity that flanks Mumbai’s coasts.


The immediate aim of the group is to acquaint Mumbaikars with the interesting and the intriguing sea creatures that co-exist happily. Just browse through their Facebook page and find some of the most fascinating corals, sponges, pink sea anemones and tiny little sea slugs.

What We Love

The group not only on regular basis shares interesting and unique facts about the marine life, but they have also organised coastal walks. Imagine walking around Mumbai’s shorelines and coming across the vibrant and colourful sea species.

Marine Life of Mumbai {MLOM} have organised two walks so far, one at Girgaum Chowpatty. They generally go and explore the coasts that get submerged during high tide and come back up during low tide, that is, inter-tidal zones. Some of the species they’ve uncovered include croaker, olive ridley, gorgeous star fishes, mollusc and more.

Mumbai coastal shores have a notorious reputation for being trashed and smelly. The community is breaking that bubble and wants to encourage more and more people to come for the walks and take photographs {which will be shared on their social media accounts}.

The areas that they would look at covering would be the shorelines of Cuffe Parade, Girgaum Chowpatty, Walkeshwar and Napean Sea Road and more.

So, We’re Saying…

It’s a lovely initiative to re-explore the coasts of Mumbai. The island city is home to abundant sea creatures and with this group, you can go discovering them.

Find them on Facebook here and on Instagram here.


With the monsoons going on currently, there’s a hold on the walks. However, they will be picked up again post September. Till then, follow them on their social media pages and explore virtually.