From Media Agencies To Digital Support: These 5 Entrepreneurs Have You Covered!

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ICYMI, Tinder, LBB and Gaysi Family are coming together to provide a digital space for products, services and businesses owned and run by India’s queer community, on Queer Made.  

With Queer Made, we hope to enable and empower entrepreneurial voices. We’ve come across some unique businesses which you can discover and shop from. Here are a few entrepreneurs who are dabbling in a myriad of fields such as digital healthcare, writing, hair styling!

DigiSwasthya - Dr. Pallabi Roy

Dr. Pallabi Roy is the co-founder of the NGO DigiSwasthya, an organisation that works to ensure rural areas get access to primary healthcare and tele-clinics irrespective of gender, caste, race, or orientation. A dental surgeon who is now pursuing her MBA, she is also an avid reader, runs her own podcast, & YouTube channel! Search for DigiSwasthya to read about the great work that Dr. Pallabi and her team do. 

Samhitha Reddy

We love a good book and Samhitha Reddy’s Deviant: Chronicles Of Pride, an anthology of stories and experiences by people from the LGBT+ community gives us just that. Samhitha Reddy is a law graduate pursuing her MSc in human rights. She is aiming to pursue a career in international human rights and has been widely published in various leading law journals of India. She is also a published author with her first venture: two volume anthologies - “Shades of a Woman: Navigating Society as a Woman'', and “Liberation: Breaking the Glass Ceiling of Society”. Both anthologies (including anecdotes and personal life experiences) aim to celebrate the hurdles and myriad emotions that women go through in their life. Samhitha wishes to bring to light, via prose or poetry,  a woman’s innermost thoughts and aspirations as well as the struggles and joys that come her way while navigating life. Samhitha’s personal journey aims to create awareness and acceptance of the LGBT+ community. You can check out her Instagram page to stay up to date with her journey and writings.  

Queer Spot India - Reet

Introducing Queer Spot India, a website and mobile app that aims to provide aid to the LGBT+ community globally. It offers real estate, mental health support, medical aid, legal aid, and employment opportunities for the LGBT+ community, and is soon coming up with a blog and forum. This platform is the brainchild of Reet Singh, a law student and an avid human rights supporter. She believes in bringing together a platform that not only recognises the LGBT+ rights but also helps them with the aid necessary. Check out their website to read more on the meaningful work they’re doing. 

Impulse Media - Kanika

Impulse Media is a boutique media agency that believes in creativity, ethicality, and inclusivity. Kanika quit her job to start Impulse Media with a small team to be the change she wishes to see in the marketing and advertising industry. They believe in employee satisfaction just as much as client satisfaction, and work with a range of clients as varied as fashion and automobiles to food and healthcare. Check out Impulse Media’s Instagram page to know the amazing work Kanika and her team have been doing!

The Hair Artisan - Nerissa

For all hairstyling needs introducing  Master Haircutter, Nerissa whose passion lies in the art of hair styling. The Hair Artisan is born out of Nerissa’s passion for everything associated with hair. From cutting, styling, to teaching her clients how to take care of their hair, her passion reflects in her work. There are no gender or age bars at her studio because everyone deserves a good hair day. She goes above and beyond to give her clients ‘the’ haircut and therefore, takes one appointment at a time and has flexible timings for them. Even though Nerissa specialises in any and every haircut, her specialisation and love lies in short haircuts. She has gotten her training from The BBlunt Academy (Mumbai), London School of Barbering, and Not Another Academy (London). About a decade ago, she quit her successful corporate career to pursue her dream of opening up The Hair Artisan! 


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