Click On This Instagram Account For Customised Boots, Loafers And More

Shalvi posted on 16 November


The Shoes Warehouse {TSW} is a Delhi-based Instagram account that delivers customised shoes across the country starting at INR 3,000 upwards. All you need to do is send them a picture of the design you want and they will get it made for you.

What Should I Buy?


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Shoes, shoes and more shoes. That too in your favourite designs. TSW takes orders for predominantly leathers shoes, loafers and boots, which happens to be their area of specialisation. Look forward to getting fabulous formal, leather shoes in classic browns and blacks; or if you’re looking at getting informal, casual shoes or loafers made, then don’t shy away fro asking for unique shades. If you’d like classic, sturdy boots made, then here’s you chance to give your design and get it replicated.

The format to do this is pretty simple. You send them a private message on their Instagram account or email them, and they will instantly reply with the process to follow. We’ve done this over Whatsapp messages and it’s very, very simple. You send them pictures of the designs, if they have those or similar variants in stock, they you can work around it, or get your design made as per your preference.

You pay 60 per cent of the total amount {INR 3,000 upwards, unless they’re running fab deals such as two shoes for INR 5,500} in advance, and the rest after delivery. All of the transactions are done via wire transfer. They usually take three weeks to deliver the shoes, and will also take them back in case there are any size or other issues.

So, We're Saying...

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If size has been an issue for you men {no pun intended, peeps}, or if there’s a design you’d love to own but is either not available or too expensive to buy, then here’s a solution for your footwear woes.

Click here to check out their Instagram account and start shopping.