Ready To Experience Middle Eastern Experience Like None Other In Mumbai.

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What Makes It Awesome?

Bayroute made the latest entrant into the beautiful and ever-growing food scene at Powai. Be ready to experience the Middle East while being in Mumbai. The on-point authenticity and the unmatchable middle eastern vibe make this place stand out from all the other restaurants in the city. The paper lanterns on the ceiling give the place a gorgeous Arabic touch. Our server for the day, Adi was just the most polite and sweetest! He helped us out with some amazing suggestions and explained each dish in detail.
Coming right to the food, here’s what we got:

Hummus Bayroute: This place is known for their Hummus and we stand by it! The creamiest and the most delicious hummus we’ve had in the whole city. Comes with a side of warm pita and some pickled veggies. A must try!

Mahamarra: Red pepper and walnut based dip. Goes really well with the pita bread.

Harissa Chicken Kebab: Huge chunks of juicy kebabs marinated in Harissa sauce served on skewers. The kebabs were slightly spicy perfectly suited for people with all kinds of spice tolerance.

Chicken Tadhraj: Grilled kebabs stuffed with cheese and olive. A delight for olive lovers.

Mezze Fries: This surprisingly an amazing dish with fried beetroot, potato, sweet potato, chilly and carrot. Perfect for munching with your drinks. The side sauces were just magnificent!

Peynir Pide: Pide is basically a boat-shaped flatbread stuffed with different toppings. This one was stuffed with a generous amount of Cottage Cheese, Olives and Burratta Cheese.

Lavash Crust Chicken Kabsa: The presentation for this was lovely. Zaffran infused rice cooked with chicken and dry fruits and then wrapped around crispy lavash casing. The lavash itself was so crisp and yummy. The rice was absolutely flavorsome and the chicken was just so succulent. A MUST TRY!

Lotus Drama: Light and delectable cheesecake topped with vanilla ice cream, lotus biscoff cookies, and caramel. This was an absolute treat for our taste buds which left us speechless.

Chocolate Fondant: Loved this scrumptious chocolate fondant filled with yummy dark chocolate on the inside. Try it only if you like dark chocolate.

Overall, we would just say Bayroute has truly stolen our hearts! We were just lost for words after trying every dish and we just can’t get over how amazing was that experience. Definitely visiting again and recommending it to everyone!

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