Modern Indian Gastronomy With Luxurious Corporate Dining At Bkc

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What Makes It Awesome?

Finally, I visited Masala Library a place which I was planning to visit since a few months. Located near International First financial building in BKC. It's a regular lookout for corporate folks. Known for it's specially curated menu and heritage of Mr Jiggs Kalra. A gastronomic journey to the world of Indian cuisine is what I define Masala Library with.

Starting from ambience to the plate arrangements everything was dapper and to the point. We tried the chefs special tasting menu which is an extensive 5-course meal. Here are some finest dishes which we loved.


▪️Pea Pearl Puchka: This was the tastiest Puchka I have had in a long time. Pea puree was dropped into calcium water & pea pearls formed, were then added to our Puchka

▪️Dahi Bada: It was a deconstructed & baked vada served with yoghurt foam & presented beautifully.

▪️ Jhaal Moori Cookie: Jhaal more originating from Kolkata baked as a cookie and topped with amazing sauces and popular mustard sauce.


▪️Mushroom Chai: Most amazing & innovative mushroom dish, where mushroom broth represented black tea. Dehydrated black button mushrooms & truffle powder were added to mimic tea preparation. So fancy!


▪️Braised Lamb Chops: The Lambchop was marinated with maple syrup & kokum. It was finger-licking good.

▪️Patthar Ka Murg: In love with this table side appetizer. The Chef cooked thin chicken breast on coal right in front of us. It was amazing.

▪️ Caviar Malai Prawns: Being a Bengali I have tried malai curry prawns. But, Malai prawns with a touch modern caviar was a killer combination.

Main Course

▪️Rajasthani Mutton Curry & Shell Kachori: The mutton was really soft & well marinated. The Kachori was different, colourful & complimented the curry well.

▪️Chicken Tempered Iddiyappam: Iddiyappam were so soft & I loved how well the dish tasted together. The chicken curry was full of flavours.


▪️Mango Halwa: The mango Halwa was delicious and the crackers added a crunch to it. The nuts & cream complemented the dish well

▪️Jalebi Caviar: Jalebi shaped in the form of Caviar served with rabdi & saffron water. It was delicious.

▪️Levitating Chocolate: This dish combined physics & molecular gastronomy in the best possible way. I loved the experience. I loved the chocolates. Must try.

Not to forget, the sorbet & the explanation of each dish by the chef & the servers added to the experience.

What Could Be Better?

Portion of some dishes could be improved.

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