This North-Eastern Couple Is Selling The Most Divine Momos For Just INR 70 A Plate


Mumbai isn’t known for its momos, like Delhi isn’t for its vada pav. But the momowala in Andheri will break all your notions of this statement, one dumpling at a time.

Keep No Momo FOMO

In the area of 7 Bungalows around Andheri, you will find a man named Suraj Lama. He was a chauffeur for the celebrities Abhay Deol and Sonakshi Sinha, and that is the least interesting thing about him.

Instead of charting celebrities to and fro, he now wheels a brimming cart of unexpectedly delicious momos every evening. He and his wife make North Eastern style momos fresh each day and roams in this popular area of Andheri, satisfying everyone’s evening snack cravings with these flavour-packed steamed dumplings. There are no frou and fancies – simple vegetarian and chicken momos sold by full plate or half. The vegetarian momos are just absolutely lip-smacking, some of the best we have tasted {and we have tasted aplenty}, and he hits the nail with the chutney as well.

A plate of six veg momos is for INR 40 and half a plate for INR 25 {extremely cheap}, and a chicken plate is for INR 70, while a half of that for INR 30.

So, We're Saying...

Are we being brazen enough to suggest that you should take a trip to Andheri just to try these momos? Do we dare?

Yes, yes we do. And while you’re there, don’t get lost, just give him a call on 8691972715 to get his precise location. He’ll be happy to feed you.