Vernika posted on 27th June

Escape The City Life With These 8 Monsoon Getaways Close To Mumbai

Ten-Second Takeaway

Come monsoon, the Western Ghats are a sight to behold – with lush greenery, running waterfalls and scenic views of the ghats.  To make it convenient for you, we’ve compiled a list of quick getaways near Mumbai that you might want to check out this weekend {or any other, tbh}.

Korigad Fort

From Mumbai, drive out towards Lonavla. Set your GPS for Peth Shahpur village {this is the starting point of the trek} near Amby Valley. It’s de-stressing and the view at the end of the trek and on the way is breathtaking. The trek to Korigad Fort is a winner, hands-down.

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Basho Bougainvillea Resort, Mulshi

If you’re planning things on the quicker side with your partner, you have to check out the Basho Bougainvillea Resort at Mulshi. Offering a variety of accommodation options –cottages, tents and pool villas, each kind comes with a splendid view of the Mulshi lake.

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The Brook At Khanna's, Karjat

Located in the scenic countryside of Karjat, in a tiny village called Vaijanath en route to the Tata Power Plant, is The Brook—a private property built on an acre of land overlooking the Western Ghats on its one end, while touching a perennial, flowing river on the other.

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Khodala Village, District Thane

Khodala village is a quaint hill station in the Thane district. It’s inhabited by the tribals and has a lush thick forest cover. If you’re looking to head out this monsoon, then Wild Camp resort is the place for you in Khodala.

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Bhaja Caves, Lonavala

Cradled in the lap of nature, shaped by the hills themselves, rest the Bhaja Caves. Bhaja Caves, a set of 22 rock-cut caves, carved right out of the hills and comprising of multiple stupas, are one of the most important Buddhist sites in Maharashtra.

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Le Farm, Lonavala

A six-room property built on a 5-acre campus, Le Farm likes to call itself a ‘modern, homely farm’. They couldn’t be more correct about that. The property has modern design elements paired with homeliness. Located in Lonavala, it is literally the easiest place to get to. You can take a train, hop onto a bus or just drive down. If you drive down, you can be there in three hours.

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Little Paradise, Murud

Little Paradise at Murud, is less than four hours away from Mumbai. There are two gorgeous, beachfront log cabins that offer complete privacy and the only sound one can hear here is that of the waves.

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Glenogle Bungalow, Mahabaleshwar

A Scottish bungalow that can house up to 15 people, Glenogle Bungalow is a charming estate nestled in the valley. One of the first bungalows to have been built around the 1840s, it was home to Captain George Simpson of Bombay Esquire. They also have a private forest to wander into.

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