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#MoreThanAnOffice Here Is Why Your Work Team Would Love This Co-Working Space To Brew New Ideas!

    #MoreThanAnOffice Here Is Why Your Work Team Would Love This Co-Working Space To Brew New Ideas!

    If you’re someone that is seeking to work in a co-working space where you can work hard and play hard at the same time, Famous Working Company’s Co-Working space probably is the one for you! Famous Working Company has been a pioneer studio where the best creative minds come together to work on their talent - all under one roof! 

    Plush Interiors And Quirky Artwork

    Recently launched, this co-working space is located in the heart of Mumbai and has professionals from different backgrounds ranging from creative to tech! Famous Working Company’s Co Working space helps individuals expand their creative horizons to make them reach their career goals asap! The artwork of this place is quirky and fun which is in tandem with what this co-working space stands for. 

    Seating Arrangements For Different Moods

    They have 3 different seating arrangements that make work easier and much more collaborative. The ‘Beehive’ allows creativity to flow and lets you work from any spot that sparks inspiration with open desks in the common workspace area. The ‘Nest’ is the desk plan for people who want a dedicated desk and like a structured working style. Lastly, the ‘Den’ has cubicles that help you work in collaborative fashion where ideas and can be exchanged with ease. This plan is for individuals and teams who require the calm of walled offices. 

    There Is More!

    Apart from different seating structures for you and your teams, Famous Working Company gives you access to shooting stages, In-house Motion Capture facility, the Phantom Flex Lab, ready to shoot sets, high-end Editing Suites and 5.1 Pro Tools sound recording studio. There are early bird admissions to concerts, events, meets and all the hottest events at FWC.

    Hence, it’s not only about working hard, it’s about playing hard as well, so let your creative juices flow and go and check out this fun working space!