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The Mumbai Art Collective

    This Mumbai Art Collective Organises Literary Workshops, Events & Can Even Help Publish Books


    The Mumbai Art Collective is a community and a digital portal that curates thematic events, workshops and will also publish books for upcoming writers.

    Events, Workshops And More

    The Mumbai Art Collective is a community started off by 19 year-old Ishaan Jajodia, which also doubles up as a publishing house. The idea behind the community is to have a dedicated space for art and literature. It encourages people from the city to get involved and the digital portal has guest columnists, curated poetry {which you can read here} and even poetry slamming sessions for you to watch.

    What We Love

    The community organises thematic events and workshops. The idea is to get people together and organise discussions, engage with varied opinions and more. The themes they have explored in the past include “Why is art considered taboo in India”, “Art of War” and even a fan fiction workshop.

    We love that this collective has actively taken charge of art and literature and is bringing it to the public. If you’d like to get involved, there are plenty of ways. You can write for them or attend their events and workshops.

    In fact, if you’re an aspiring writer, you can write to them with your manuscript as they are also looking to publish new talent, digitally. Ishaan tells us, unlike other publication houses, they give double the royalties to the writer.

    So, We're Saying...

    It’s a great way to explore interesting topics on art and literature, or even attend related offline events. You’ll meet new people, established people who lead the sessions and more.

    Keep yourself updated with their events on Facebook here.

    Community Groups

    The Mumbai Art Collective