You Know Her Too

This Mumbai-Based Artist Will Make Quirky Water Colour Caricatures Of You And Your Pet


Divya Bhatia is a Mumbai-based illustrator who makes fun and quirky water colour caricatures for you. And if you have a pet, she will immortalize your friendship on paper.

Draw Me Like your French Poodle?

Divya Bhatia, who goes by her name on Instagram, ‘@youknowhertoo’ is a city-based illustrator who makes the quirkiest cartoons, post cards and some of the most beautiful wedding invitations.

As recent as last year, Divya took classes in cartoon drawing, and immediately picked it up. She tells us, after sharing the work on her account, she started getting a lot of response. Just follow her illustrious Instagram page, and you’ll find water colour-based cartoons featuring portraits of families, couples, and even their doggos and cats.

Additionally, she also works on wedding invitations, and customises them according to your requirements. For a simple one-fold card, it’ll cost you anything between INR 175 to INR 250 {depending on the work she has to put in}.

What We Love

The slightly animated, and exaggerated caricatures of the people who get in touch with Divya to draw them. The caricatures work so well because she hand-paints all of them, accentuates a particular feature and voila, it is ready.

All you need to do is, get in touch with her, share a photograph you’d like {along with individual photos so she gets a sense of the personality}. If you are fond of something in particular, do tell her about your quirks. For example, a woman who loved shoes got shoes in the frame. In fact, she will first share the draft with you, and if you are satisfied with it, water colour them and send them across to you.

A small sized framed cartoon starts at INR 2,500, and can be delivered across the country. However, if you are looking for a digital print, let her know and she will scan it for you.

So, We're Saying...

If you’re into portraits and want something to hang in the room,  Divya will customise it all for you. A cutesy doggo portrait of your beloved pet, perhaps?

Get in touch with Divya by following her on Instagram here.