Mumbai Monsoon Guide: Traffic Updates, Helpline Numbers & Everything Else You Need To Know

It's been a rough few days for the city - traffic, flooding, and really high tides! We hope you're staying safe, dry and warm at home - but should you face any unfavourable circumstances, we've drawn up a list of helplines you can call, and Twitter handles you can trust for updates on traffic, trains, and routes you should avoid taking.

Traffic And Trains

We suggest everyone stays home unless there's an emergency, but if you find yourself out and in need of help, call these numbers! Western Railway Helpline numbers in view of affected traffic in Mumbai are as under:

Andheri: +912267630054

Churchgate: +912267622540


Mumbai Central: +912267644257

Follow Western Railway and Central Railway for updates here.

The Mumbai Traffic Helpline is 854999999. You can call this number for details on traffic jams, road blocks and alternative routes to your destination, if Google Maps fails you.

Follow Mumbai Police on Twitter.

Helpline Numbers

BMC Disaster Management: 1916, 22694725

Fire Brigade: 101

Mumbai: 101 and 22620111, 23076111, 23086181,
23074923, 23076112, 23076113, FAX : 23086183

Thane: 101 and 25391600, 25331600

Railway Control Room: 2375 9283

Reliance Power: 30303030

BEST (Power): 2285 6262/1244

MSEB-Bandra: 2647 2131

Ambulance Service: 102, 23079643

RPF Control Room: 2307 5082

You can also reach out to Mumbai Police’s Twitter handle here.

What Else?

Mumbai Dabbawallas have announced that they will not be carrying out their delivery services today, causing havoc for many Mumbaikars across the city. Read this report for more details. 

Mumbai Pune Expressway is a bad idea today, due to heavy traffic and other related dangers to the highway. If your car has broken down, here’s a list of roadside assistance portals that can help you.

And if you are having monsoon troubles at home, here’s a guide to monsoon proofing your home. Also, if you’re stuck at home or have decided to work from home, call in these wine shops that deliver and bring a card machine home.

And to add to the charm of the monsoons is this Twitter handle – Mumbai Weather – who is a weather enthusiast and not a part of any organisation, but still so accurate! 

If you're short on supplies, head to the stores nearest to you and stock up on food & other necessities. We're doing it right now!