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No Kidding: Blueberry, Red Velvet & Dark Chocolate Khakras Are Now A Reality


We found a website that’ll put and end to your snacking worries, with a twist. Say hello to Snaximum, people.

Chow Down

A portal that has opened itself up to possibilities, Snaximum is sort of a roller coaster ride when you browse through it. It’ll take you from the idea of a dark chocolate khakra and then hit you with banana-shaped cookies in seconds. The products look appetising and those looking to go a little further, you should consider digging into chocolate bread {INR 150}, mint masala bread {INR 150}, blueberry puran poli {INR 205} and caramel khari. Did we tell you about the cutesy banana-shaped cookies? They look adorable and we’d love to fool people with these. BRB, hatching a plan.

So, We're Saying...

If you take snacking seriously, then consider Snaximum as an option to order from. It’s something different and honestly, you may need a break from chaat anyway.


Everything is possible, you just need to try.