What Is It?

An ongoing festival that lets you indulge in all joys Mediterranean, Let’s Mediterra is being held at Hill Road’s rooftop cafe, Mediterra. While there is a belly dance workshop today and a Moroccan market on January 21, we found the idea of sipping wine at INR 99 a glass till January 22 to be the most enticing.

Who Is It For?

180117_Mediterra02People who like taking it easy with a wine glass in one hand and a kebab platter in the other.

Why Should I Go?

Because the festival has performances and sundowners slotted, and we bet it all looks even better with a glass of wine that you can sip on.

So, We’re Saying…

180117_Mediterra04Mediterra is a beautiful rooftop bar and given the breezy weather we’ve all been blessed with this year, it makes it all the more exciting.

Photos courtesy: Mediterra