Ten-Second Takeaway

If you’re always on the lookout for late-night eateries, then your search ends at Bhukkad Dhaba in Oshiwara, where cheese and meat-burst naans {aka naan turnovers} and delicious rolls are an everyday affair.

Chow Down

Do you often find yourself in a situation where you’re super hungry and there’s no food around because it’s late in the night? Well, Bhukkad Dhaba at Oshiwara seems to have decided to put an end to all your woes. This amazing, small takeaway eatery behind the Lotus petrol pump has been around for a while, we’re happy we finally discovered it.

Popular in Oshiwara andAndheri, Bukkad Dhaba is known to make really good naan turnovers. Wonder what that is? It’s actually just your food fantasies coming true. Basically, a naan turnover is stuffed cheese naan with fillings of your choice. So vegetarians, choose between veg makhanwala, veg kadhai, paneer makhanwala, kadhai, tikka masala, zaikadar, chilli and tawa mushroom. Non-vegetarians, look forward to yummy chicken makhanwala, kadhai, tikka masala, Baghdadi, bhuna, and mutton keema and bhuna fillings. All the naan turnovers will cost you INR 190, and you will thank us for leading you to them. This eatery also makes good rumali roti rolls and paranthas, so choose from their many options if you’re looking for a quick bite. They have an array of other Indian dishes that will make your hungry stomach really, really full and happy.

And we haven’t even come to the best part yet. This eatery opens at 7pm and will serve freshly made, hit food all the way till 5am. That’s right. You may call it a very late dinner or a super early breakfast, but if you feel like some delicious food in the middle of the night, you’ve found the takeaway and delivery joint that will cater to your needs {this is what they meant when they said God loves us all}.

So, We’re Saying…

Like we said, if your heart desires food any time after the sun sets and before it rises, Bhukkad Dhaba at Oshiwara will make sure you get what you want.

Featured photo source: Bhukkad Dhaba