Need Inspiration? Twitter Gets Fitter Is The Online Community You Should Join


Twitter Gets Fitter is an online fitness campaign by Chitra Jidesh, where by simply signing up, you can get easy-to-do home workouts, diet plans and more.

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Started by dance instructor Chitra, Twitter Gets Fitter can be called the country’s first online buddy workout movement, where each and everyone will work towards achieving one goal – getting fit. What started as a medium to look for online workout buddies for herself, Chitra a.k.a. Bombay Bellyrina got a stupendous to the idea and soon had over 50 people from different parts of the country sign up for this online plan.

The process is simple- you get in touch with Chitra via email or connect with her on Twitter or Facebook, and she will send across the daily workout plan that you can follow at home. The plan is either a form or a video, and involved HIIT workouts, dance-based workouts and more. Chitra also propagates healthy living, and shares tips on diet plans, what foods to consume and son on. The best part, you ask? It’s all free. And it’s on the Internet {it really doesn’t get better than this, does it?}

So, We're Saying...

Why go elsewhere when you can get your own fitness schedule to follow at home? Join the Twitter Gets Fitter movement and workout with buddies across the country.