New Year, New You: Hobbies You Can Dabble In, In 2020

It takes all kinds to make the world, and we've all seen our fair share of weird hobbies, no? Judgement aside, we think we all need to have hobbies we're passionate about, to make our lives more fun, and prevent our brains from turning to cheese. From upcycling things to rearing bees, we’ve got a list of unique hobbies that might just inspire you.

Upcycle Things - Sustainability FTW!

If you’ve been looking for ways to do your bit for the  environment, here is your inspiration! Find things in your house that you’ve not been using, and instead of throwing them away, create new products out of them. Turn glass bottles into lamps, paint a broken mug and convert it into a pot. This is a great way to reduce the amount of waste you generate, and a fun way to get those creative juices running!

Use Leaves & Flowers To Make Art

Collecting coins and stamps is passé, it’s time you moved on to something more exciting - leaves and flowers! Collect and sort them out on the basis of colour, shape, size, etc. and collect them all in a scrapbook. Don't pluck flowers, please! They always fall on their own.
You could also preserve them by spraying hairspray on them, which makes them more or less, ahem, immortal.

This sort of hobby makes you want to spend time outdoors throughout the year, which is always a plus!

Do A 12-Month Writing Challenge

Love writing? Up your game by taking up a writing challenge! In this challenge, you change the theme every month, hence finding inspiration to write daily. Themes can include travel, food, fitness, beauty, basically everything under the sun! Break them up into 12 months. For example, a year can look like this – Winter, Chocolate, Italy, Cooking, Emotional Health, Nature Breaks, Spa, Road Trips, Inspirational People, College, Beaches, Books.

Pick a theme for each month right at the beginning, and go with what you've decided!

Re-Discover Your City, Like A Tourist Would

Wander around your city and go to places you haven’t explored yet. We've got your back for this one!
Find out interesting facts about your city, and understand more about the way of life. You never know how this might inspire you further- document it on a blog, a YouTube channel, an Instagram account or simply journal about it!

Learn to Home-Brew Beer

This is a super cool hobby to have, and a fun excuse to organize house parties! This particular hobby requires you to have basic knowledge of chemistry and physics, and the good part here is that you don’t require much of an equipment setup at home. With enough trial and error, we’re sure that by the end of next year you’ll be able to brew a good batch of beer at home!

Restore Old Furniture

Refinishing and reupholstering old furniture into something new is a fun way to spend some free time. You can turn old wood into fresh tables, chairs and cabinets, and with some carpentry practice, you'll be able to craft the Pinterest-worthy décor of your dreams.

Remember to start small, maybe attend a class, and watch a ton of videos before you start hacking away at your old cupboard. 

Learn to Make Cheese At Home

Did you know you can make mozzarella, cheddar and ricotta cheese at home? With a few basic ingredients, you can legit make freshly-made cheese for your pizzas, Mac N' Cheeses and for eating plainly (let's be real), in your kitchen itself. This isn't a tedious process at all, and we think this is a great hobby for the amateur chef!