Ten-Second Takeaway

Dr Onkar Pawaskar’s Pet Clinic and Pet Shop near Shivaji Park is what you pet-lovers have been waiting for all this while. From food products to clothes for your pets, they’ve got it all.

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Do you have a cute, four-legged animal hopping around in your house? Is your fur ball your best friend? Are you constantly looking for the perfect food, accessories and more for your beloved cat and/or dog? Then make your way to Dr. Onkar Pawaskar’s Pet Clinic and Pet Shop near Shivaji Park which promises to cater to all the needs of your little ones {they are your babies, after all}.

The store houses a wide range of pet food products from Pedigree and Royal Canin for dogs and Whiskas for cats. They also have weight reduction foods for dogs that tend to get overweight. The store is kind of tiny, but is stuffed all the products your would need for your pet. They have chew sticks, leashes, clothes, shampoos and other grooming products for your pets. The store is only two weeks old, and we hear they soon plan to introduce a lot more things a pet spa. They also have pet boarding, lodging and day care facilities, apart from also having a pet clinic.

So, We’re Saying…

If your canine needs some pampering, you know where to go. Make your way to this store and buy the best for your one and only.

Photos:  Nandan Mangaokar