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Discover New And Amazing Chocolates With This Monthly Subscription Service

Bhavika posted on 30th January

Ten Second Takeaway

Self-declared chocoholics, we have good news for you. A new subscription service sends an assortment of chocolates to your doorstep every month. Read on to know more.

What Is This About?

Cocoatrait is a company that does the noble service of introducing people to different types of artisanal chocolates {and vice versa}. They have a chocolate subscription box service, in which each month, an exciting tin box with even more exciting contents – chocolates! arrive for you. It’s like a monthly gift from yourself to yourself.

Nitin Chordia, a certified chocolate taster, besides having a very aspirational job profile, is the one behind this admirable idea. He chooses the chocolates to be put inside each month’s box, after you have selected the size of the box, and the type of chocolate you like – white, milk or dark.

The box contains chocolates from all over the country to introduce you to some of the best there is, including Mason & Co. A one-month box is for INR 1,099. The luxury one-month box is for INR 2,199.

So, We’re Saying…

Order yours here. You can subscribe for one month, three months and even, six months if you are truly committed. We won’t tell.


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