New Year, New Beginnings: Our Guide To Resolutions For The Year To Come

We’ve all fallen into the trap of our will power testing us, and us falling prey to the lack of it. Resolutions don’t need a day dedicated to it, they say. But the good part is that we at least start somewhere. And what is better than kicking off the New Year with better plans, right? We're bringing you the best of few things. And we hope you make this year worth it, for yourself. Read on!

Challenge The Foodie In You

We're almost always eating out. Either we're dining with colleagues post work or brunching with fam on weekends. Let's get a bit experimental with what we consume, shall we? So if you've missed out on wacky and unique dishes like a family-style Messob or coca cola chicken wings then you've gotta change that next year. 

Must Try: You can start with a sweet potato brûlée or a Didingal Mutton Biryani at Ishaara in Lower Parel, if Indian cuisine with a twist is what you're looking for.

Shred Those Cals

Getting experimental with food also means that you've got to shed all the flab (and guilt) you've built with it eventually. And if you, like us, believe in the power of the outdoors, then you've got to run or jog it out at some of the city's spacious parks and tracks. Go for a run at Priyadarshini on Nepean Sea Road, or the huge Central Park (also has an amphitheatre) in Navi Mumbai, or maybe the Forest Park in Powai. Get up early and breathe in some fresh air, guys!

Must Visit: Did you even know that Dharavi had a nature park? Time to add it to your list for next year. Head to the Maharashtra Nature park and jog amidst the rich flora and fauna there. 

Surprise BAE(S) With Knick Knacks

We know we're scanning for something online, or in markets ONLY during events like birthdays or anniversaries. But the joy of seeing the glow on your best friend's or mum's face, when you gift them something out of the blue, is incomparable. Buy cute DIY kits from Sky Goodies and make it for your BAE, or maybe buy quirky cat-themed saucers from Chic Pad. Do it for no rhyme or reason, and watch the smiles unfold. 

Must Buy: Gifts might be expensive, but words aren't. Head to Chimanlal's in Fort and buy some organic greeting cards that have dried leaves and petals stuck on them. Use them to surprise your tribe with tiny letters.

Organisation Is Key

As much as we sometimes hate it, planning and organizing really takes us places. And because New Year means new beginnings, maybe try and get your life's chores sorted with some amazing planners. We're always in awe of Alicia Souza's planners and diaries. They're cute, millennial, and colorful. Oh and they're a good prop to that empty desk in your room. 

Must Try: If you already own an Alicia planner, you could go for Chumbak's newest collection of planners and diaries. They're available in geometric, floral and Indian prints and start at INR 600 only. 

Tap Into Some Art

We've all, at some time in life, regretted not being able to give ample time to ourselves for honing a skill, or signing up for something new to watch, do, or feel. How about giving yourself some break from the hectic lifestyle, and trying your hands at pottery, madhubani painting, bhangra classes, or maybe wine-making? Mumbai has some really cool places hosting classes and workshops. There's Doolally Taproom, Harkat Studios, Iteeha, and Adagio. Take your pick, and have an eye on their website for the event schedule. 

Must Try: Iteeha Studio in Lower Parel is our favourite for its extensive variety of workshops. You'll see a watercolor painting workshop, pottery, embroidery, crochet, calligraphy, mandala art workshops, and so much more here. 

Art Galleries

Iteeha Studio

RR House, Shop 2, Opp. Ideal Industrial Estate, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai