Happy New Year, Folks: 21 Things We Plan To Do In 2021!


    A very happy new year, folks! 

    Last year, this time, we didn't have the faintest idea of what a roller-coaster the rest of 2020 was going to be. But like every white has its black, the coming year is going to be better for all of us. Bidding adieu to a year that was 2020, our LBB crew shares some rather interesting (and downright fun) resolutions for 2021.

    Lezz go!

    Going Vocal For Local

    Shop Local Brands

    In 2021, Aakanksha is determined to switch to more local Indian brands that follow a sustainable approach (hear, hear!). And given the fact that we have over a gazillion (no exaggeration here) amazing brands on our own turf, this is something each of us should aim at adopting. So whether it's for stationery, home decor, beauty or even brands that upcycle, it's a good way forward.

    Dropping The Cals

    Sports Equipment

    While some of us binge-ate our way through this global pandemic (hey, no judging), many embraced a healthier lifestyle. Our man from the Data Quality team, Shubham, tells me that he is already on a fitness spree and therefore his resolution is getting a lean and toned body in 2021. Don't know about you but I'm definitely motivated as well. 

    Looking to start your workout sesh at home? Don't delay any further, here's everything you need for a home gym and some fitness apps for those intense workouts at home. Get, set, hustle!

    One For The Money, Two For The Soul

    LBB Open House Season

    Sudiksha says that apart from eating healthy and working out regularly, she wishes to manage her expenses better and earn more. Honestly, all of us reach that point in our work life where we wish to streamline our work in accordance with what offers the maximum ROI. 

    Hosted by our Co-Founder, Suchita Salwan, LBB Open House series is a great platform to hear from industry experts and brand managers who are acing it out there. 

    Hustle More, Save Better

    What even is adulting if not having endless conversations over investments and savings? For Srilaxmi, 2021 is going to about bolstering her finances and trimming down on unnecessary expenses. She also tells me that one thing that she's learnt in 2020 is that make hay while the sun still shines and piggybacking on that she wants to work harder and save more.

    All of this boils down to increased productivity at work and if you're looking to get more organised here are some apps that will help you focus better while working from home. 

    Books Over Gizmos

    Amazon Kindle Store

    Abhijeet says his 2021 resolution is the same as every year, read more books and exercise regularly. This is something that we secretly wish to do each year and fail miserably (just kidding). 

    Well, if books are indeed a man's greatest friend, here are few books and online libraries that make for some wonderful reads. 

    Giving Veganism A Shot

    Vegan Food & Beverages

    We can always find Saloni trying out new recipes, beauty brands and she loves to experiment with just about anything that has a fun element attached to it. So, for the coming year, our colleague is going to adopt a plant-based lifestyle and we're all for it. 

    For Saloni, we have this wonderfully curated list of online vegan snack brands that will hopefully help her on this journey of becoming a vegan. 

    Monolinguist No More

    Language Learning - Coursera

    Shaili strongly believes that there's no end to learning and for the coming year her resolution is to learn a new language, either French or Portuguese. No more subtitles for her, woohoo!

    Learning a new language is extremely engaging when done right and if you wish to fancy up your resumes further then here are some online portals and apps to help you a new language and other courses for free. 

    Baking 101

    Baking Essentials

    Looking at what Sreepathy cooks is like watching a dream come true. Perfectly cooked, vibrant colours and excellent choice of crockery, he has most definitely mastered the art of cooking. And the coming year, he wishes to move one step ahead and try his hands at baking too. 

    If that's something you wish to try as well then here are some home chefs and bakers that can help you start on with this journey. Just starting out? Here's a list of essential baking ingredients that you need to be well equipped with. 

    Put On The Travelling Boots

    Travel Accessories

    2020 single-handedly destroyed all our travel plans and the only place we frequently visited were the grocery stores. Neellohit hopes that the coming year will not be as harsh and that his plans to travel endlessly will be in full throttle in 2021. 

    Resorts to homestays to treehouses, here's everything Neellohit would need before starting his great travel escapade.  

    Being Organized Is The Key

    Desk Accessories

    A big-time stationery hoarder, Shaili, wishes to channel her inner Marie Kondo and become more organised in her ways. She wishes to try out more sustainable stationery brands and de-clutter her space with smart organizers and storage options. 

    No Such Thing As Too Much Coffee

    Our in-house Photographer and Editor, Siddhi wishes to move away from those mass-produced coffees and try more local brands making artisanal coffee in distinct flavours. 

    For our caffeinated buddy, we'd say she's in for a treat. Here are some easy-to-use artisan coffee brands that make drinking coffee less intimidating and more delightful. Or if you own yourself a Moka Pot, here's how you can maximise its use and make yourself a perfect brew. 

    Ditching Junk Food

    Breakfast Essentials

    Eating healthy is easy but staying consistent and far away from processed food is the actual challenge. For our tech genius, Nishant, 2021 is going to be filled with nutritious and super-healthy food. 

    Breakfast of the champions, here are some healthy breakfast cereals and snacks to help Nishant kick-start his healthy tour. 

    Steppin' Up The Game

    Fitbit Inspire 2

    Nayantara's 2021 resolution is to buy a kickass fitness tracker and clock above 5,000 steps a day. Now that's a hardcore one that is just too damn motivating, even for me. 

    Saving her the trouble of browsing through a gazillion fitness gizmos, here's a list of gadgets and accessories that are on the top of their game, for real. 

    P.S., She also told me she wishes to get herself a furry mate and if she does become a pet parent, this list will definitely come in handy. 

    Become A Culinary Chef

    Groceries & Condiments

    When she was not busy holding engaging, virtual onboarding sessions and meetings, Diksha learnt how to bake during the 2020 pandemic. And in the coming year, she wishes to hone her cooking skills and have the best of both worlds. 

    If that's something you wish to do as well, follow these online chefs and bakers who have excelled the art of cooking and will lead on a similar path too. 

    Gather Some Alone Time

    Netflix Movies

    Fellow curly head, Saniya tells me that she wishes to take more walks this coming year and priorities alone time. Now that's something we all wish to do but more often than not end up not doing. 

    Reading books, pampering your skin at home, curling up and watching travel movies - all of these activities qualify as spending some quality alone time doing things that you love. 

    Do Something Good And Meaningful

    Robin Hood Army

    Doing a killer job by onboarding great local brands on LBB, Aashna says that her resolution for the next year is to volunteer at NGOs and donate to different Charities. There's no better way than starting the new year on a good note. 

    You can find many organisations in your cities that are working towards the betterment of individuals and animals. For instance, here are some NGOs in Delhi that you can help out at. 

    Self-Love Is The Best Love

    Taking tried and tested to a whole other level, Shreshtha can often be seen trying out amazing local brands. In 2021, her resolution is to love herself more. Something that all of us must learn to practice if we wish to really excel. 

    Well, we're definitely recommending this kickass tee for Shreshtha which will act as a constant reminder for her to be unapologetic and self-loving. 

    Master The Skills Of The Trade

    Masterclass Online Classes

    Acing the sales biz, Aakriti wishes to read more and learn a skill that will assist her to grow professionally in 2021. Whether you're looking to take on something new or get better at something you're already familiar with, online learning will be your Holy Grail and here's where you get started. 

    To Not Be A Couch Potato

    We get it, working on captivating creatives requires our champion graphic designer, Jeetika, to spend hours at one place, in front of a screen. Next year, Jeetika wishes to adapt to a more "moving lifestyle". Move more, sit less is going to be her 2021 motto. 

    Here's hoping these fitness websites and apps get her to move more. 

    Practice The Art Of Self-Discipline

    The Power Of Habit

    Ahalya says that her resolution for 2021 is to work on her self-discipline and be more organised. Did you know there are studies that state that people with self-discipline are happier? Well, it's true. No more getting that fifth cup of coffee anymore.

    If like Ahalya you wish to get more organised then here are some apps and storage solutions that will help you de-clutter your homes 

    Become A Plant Parent

    Pots And Planters

    There's something about trees that always fascinates me and I wouldn't mind spending hours photographing them from different angles. My sole resolution for 2021 is to plant tress in my garden and also get some house plants with the promise of keeping them alive. 

    Majorly inspired by this balcony makeover guide. 


    While 2020 may have been hard on us here's us letting bygones be bygones and moving ahead with the hope that we keep up with our 2021 resolutions!