Did You Know About This Cafe That's Serving Nutella Chicken Wings & Bunless Burgers?

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    Andheri has many surprises up its sleeve, the latest one serving all Nutella addicts! Newtella café’s menu dazzles with a wide array of Nutella goodies to satiate all your taste buds.

    Tell Me More

    This new café boasts of both indoor and outdoor seating for all, and one of the most interesting things is that it is pet-friendly! So, have a pet day out and indulge in something sweet and delicious at the same time. When we spoke to the owner {Harshita Doshi}, we were also told that they do not do any cooking on a fire, and only use induction cooking.

    Apart from all this, they also take pre-orders for all sorts of cakes, even customized ones.

    Chow Down

    The brand specializes in Nutella-based delicacies, from Nutella fondues, Nutella cheesecakes, cupcakes to some pretty crazy inventions like spicy Nutella chicken wings, Nutella burger {strawberries instead of tomatoes, kiwi instead of lettuce and pineapple instead of cheese}, Nutella cookie fries and a pancake tower {16-layer tower with alternate layers of pancakes and whipped cream, fruits and Nutella}, and even a Nutella coconut samosa.

    Apart from this, they also serve non-Nutella delicacies like salads, pizzas and some innovative fusion food like bunless burgers, pull-apart cheese garlic bread, Swedish Hasselback potatoes, waffles, pancakes, and have more than 100 dishes in their menu. You can pair your food with some delish smoothies and shakes, that are sure to quench your thirst.

    Sip On

    Their drinks menu has a lot of delightful options that one can try, and you’ll find our favourite ingredient nestled amidst the frothy shakes. Two of their Nutella-based drinks include the Nutella Jar Shake and the cold Nutella coffee mug topped with whipped cream. Apart from this, they have a wide array of mocktails, hot beverages, shakes & smoothies, the rainbow and sparkling cappuccinos. Something out of the box is their avocado smoothie {avocado blended with vanilla ice cream}, the tropical stevia green iced tea, hot chocolate with marshmallows, Matcha green tea frappucino, galaxy smoothie, a gorgeous looking Unicorn freak shake, cookie monster freak shake and  blueberry cheesecake shake.

    So, We’re Saying…

    The café is sure to appeal to people and Nutella fanatics of all age groups. The lighting fixtures provide quirky accents and the bare brick walls help give it that grungy look that’s so NYC subway style. All in all, it’s a great place to visit and has made some bold moves when it comes to food choices. We’d definitely give it a shot!


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