Hardcore Non-Vegetarians On A Diet: Here Are The Meatiest Salads In Mumbai

Salads & Meat Are A Deadly Combo

Have you always been averse to the idea of just eating an all green salad? Or the regular chicken Caesar salad doesn’t quite make the cut on the meat quotient? Well, we’ve decided to put you off your misery and are presenting to you some of our favourite, loaded salads in the city. This isn’t the meatiest salad bible {there’s a lot in the city, guys}, but just our personal picks and in case you haven’t tried these yet, may be it’s time.

Cheese Burger Salad At Social

OMG! The goodness of a burger coupled with the awesomeness of this salad leaves you with a dish you’ve certainly not tasted before. It’s basically a deconstructed burger with veggies, greens, dressed with honey mustard, cheese and hickory barbecue, served with a half fried egg. You can either choose a chicken patty or tenderloin and enjoy this amazing salad meal for just INR 230. Dreams are made of this stuff, we’re telling you.


Todi Mill Social


Mathuradas Mill Compound, 242, Near Viva Centre, Todi Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai


Red Samurai Salad At Bombay Salad Co.

Either that, or choose between their Protein Overload or The Goan, or any non-veg salad, to be honest. Their salads are deliciously made and are so filling. We love the Red Samurai in particular so let us entice you with its ingredients. Made with buckwheat soba noodles, teriyaki chicken, broccoli, lettuce, grilled peppers and peanut-soy dressing, this salad ooze flavour with every bite. This goodness is worth INR 270 for a regular bowl and INR 420 for a large one. Do not miss out on this.

Casual Dining

Bombay Salad Co.


Shop 1, 16th Road, Bandra West, Mumbai


Grilled Chicken Salad At Gostana

We love Gostana and it’s time we declare it out loud. Really, how does it never disappoint? We’re glad it doesn’t. Gorge on their super loaded and heavenly smoked chicken and greens/ potatoes or the grilled chicken salad for a wholesome experience. If you ask us to pick, we’d lean more towards the latter which is made of a steamed chicken breast over a whole lot pf greens, topped with some kickass dressing. Scrumptious, is all we’ve got, and this one’s priced at INR 280. Pescatarians, they also make a mean tuna salad.




Shop 2, Ground Floor, Prabhat Kunj, Near Elbo Room, 24th Road, Khar West, Mumbai


Crispy Duck Salad At Jia

This is on the higher end, but it’s awesome and the duck is delicious. So go ahead and indulge in some sin with the Crispy Duck Salad served with micro greens and a refreshing lemongrass sauce to stimulate all your taste buds. Priced at INR 775, the duck makes it totally worth it.

Fine Dining

Jia - The Oriental Kitchen


2, Dhanraj Mahal, CS Marg, Colaba, Mumbai


Sesame Soy Chicken Salad From Little Food Daily

Little Food Daily is amazing for when the craving strikes and you want to order in something delicious, yet not too expensive. And this sesame soy chicken salad totally surpasses your expectations. It’s amazingly crunchy and fresh, the dressing is chilli lime, so it’s light and goes very well with the sesame chicken. Priced at INR 255, it’s a whole meal by itself, so don’t stop yourself the next time you’re tempted.

Smoked Chicken And Cranberries Salad From Smoke House Deli

It has orange vodka dressing – yes! So now that we’ve got your attention with the most important detail, let us tell you why we love this salad so much. The smoked chicken flavour is delicious, and the ingredients along with the dressing make this an ideal quick bite for all the salad lovers out there. Priced at INR 380, this meaty and tasty salad is worth coming back for.

Casual Dining

Smoke House Deli


Main Courtyard, High Street Phoenix Mall, Phoenix Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai