Ten-Second Takeaway

A small Chinese eatery on Marine Lines, The Green Onion, has a ‘secret’ second menu – that is all authentic Nigerian food. Read on to know more.

Chow Down

The restaurant began serving Nigerian food a few years ago, when the restaurant manager Ruby Dogra realised that the the Nigerian expats who often stayed in the neighbourhood were craving some home food. many of these expats were staying in the adjoining Hotel Sapna. Dogra learnt how to make the food from one of these visitors.

The menu is extensive and authentic. To access it, you’ll have to ask the waiter for the ‘other’ menu {don’t bother looking it up on Zomato, which only features their regular, Chinese menu}. The menu includes egusi soup with goat meat {made with ground watermelon seeds}, which is served with whole-wheat semovita balls. They also have okoro soup, plantain in Agoyin sauce, and jellof rice with fried chicken and prawns. For the main course, Dogra cooks up chicken and boiled egg stew, suya, chin-chin, black-eye bean with tomato suace, and ends with puff-puff for dessert.

So, We’re Saying…

You don’t have to head to a ridiculously over-priced restaurant to experience a new cuisine, or find something authentic. Head to the unassuming The Green Onion to discover something new.

Photos: Aman Deshmukh/LBB