Ten-Second Takeaway

Hop on to an express ride to the the 90’s with us as we take a tour of Trendy Taste, a shop in Vile Parle, where we overload on candy from the past, like never before.


14112016_trendytaste_ap5From Magic Pops that we would let crackle on our tongues in all flavours – cola, rose XX to the candy lips lipsticks which was every girl’s first make-up item, we found it all here.

A whole row was stacked with our favourite candies that would fall down when the adult in the room hit the ‘khoy bag’ including Melody, Coffee Bite, Kismi, Paan Pasand, Ravalgon {the round silver-wrapped sweets} and orange slice candies.

Remember the candy mini-burgers and pizzas we would sometimes get as a treat? You can get them here, along with the mini jellies to lap up. Don’t forget to pick up a packet of fatafat, and poppins {meant to be shared} while you are here. But most of all, remember that it doesn’t get sweeter than phantom cigarettes, the ultimate cool kid accessory of our childhood.

#LBBTip: Pick up a fistful of coloured fryums and pasta, staple of each birthday party, for days when being an adult is more than you can handle.

So, We’re Saying

14112016_trendytaste_ap4We were much happier beings coming out of the shop with all that candy, than we were going in. If you miss the good glory days of scabby knees, dripping jelly, and a sweet cigarette in your mouth, visit here for a treat.

Photos: Athul Prasad/LBB