The words ‘vegetarian’ and ‘Goa’ are simply not uttered together in a sentence often enough, no? For long, veggie lovers have felt ignored by any write-up or gushing article about Goa’s truly glorious food scene. But this shall stop right now! We’ve put together a list of restaurants that should be in every vegetarian’s, well, Little Black Book when they visit Goa next. The list includes everything from restaurants that serve meat but do vegetarian dishes spectacularly well to wholly vegan restaurants. LBB tracks down Goa’s best vegetarian restaurants.

The Black Sheep Bistro

Photo source: The Black Sheep Bistro

Photo source: The Black Sheep Bistro

One of Panjim’s most-loved restaurants, The Black Sheep Bistro has pledged its allegiance to the ‘farm to table’ concept. They are known to experiment with flavours and constantly bring in new dishes to celebrate seasonal produce. So, among bestsellers like the Pork Chop and Barley and the Red Kismur Fish Fillet, you’ll also see Risotto made without rice, featuring akur bhaji {that’s a lot like asparagus} and crisped up slices of Goan bread. There’s also the Spicy Chocolate Spaghetti and to round it all up, and Chocolate Salami.

Blu Planet Cafe

Photo source: Blue Planet Wellness Retreat & Café

Photo source: Blue Planet Wellness Retreat & Café

It’s all about healthy eating at this vegan restaurant. We love that they don’t mess around with the ingredients and present them at their simplest. Drop by in the mornings to slurp up their highly-praised smoothies {try the chocolate avocado}. As the day goes by, you can sink your teeth into bowls of salads {their goat’s cheese salad is a huge hit} and sandwiches. Don’t leave without wolfing down slices of their divine chocolate cake though.

Bean Me Up

Located at Anjuna, Bean Me Up serves up global cuisine in vegan style. You’ll get everything from tofu parathas to healthy porridge here. Try the yam chips that go splendidly with helpings of their creamy hummus. Next, you can move on to their pizzas and their sandwiches before digging your fork into their homemade desserts. The Pina Colada Cheesecake, in particular, should be on your wishlist.

Cafe Al Fresco By Cantina Bodega

Photo source: Zomato

Photo source: Zomato

Housed at a stunning Portuguese bungalow {that’s also home to a gallery}, Bodega is another Panjim highlight. Their cafe-style menu is not made up of the regular fare, which is an awesome thing. Before you place an order, do take a look at the day’s specials. Their Creamy Beet Soup, jalapeno cheese toasties, and Ragi Black Bean Wraps are favourites here. Their cupcakes too are winsome.

Natti’s Natural

Photo source: Natti's Naturals

Photo source: Natti’s Naturals

Having tied up with local farmers, this restaurant sources the best organic ingredients that Goa has on offer. Their breakfast menu is pretty popular and you can gorge on treats such as Scrambled Tofu with Mushrooms and Cherry Tomatoes along with veggie omelettes. When you drop by for lunch, you can order up Mediterranean Tarts and Veggie Burgers.

Wok & Roll

Their Asian fare is popular with locals and tourists. When you settle in, you can start off with nibbling on their line up of delicious condiments that are paired with fresh spinach leaves. You can then move on to their thinly-wrapped rolls before lapping up the delicious Thai Curry with mushrooms.

Baba Au Rhum

Photo source: Baba au Rhum

Photo source: Baba au Rhum

Tucked away in a quiet corner in Anjuna, Baba Au Rhum has a huge fan following. The food’s got a touch of French to it and you won’t be short of veggie options. Try the flaky croissants, the Spinach and Feta quiche, along with their freshly-baked pizzas and you’ll go home happy.

Little World

A hole-in-the-wall cafe, Little World is best known for its masala chai. Pair it with plates of waffles, sandwiches or pancakes and you won’t complain. Brownie points for their top-notch service.

Earthen Oven

Photo source: Earthen Oven Goa

Photo source: Earthen Oven Goa

Craving some good-old North Indian khana in Goa? Then don’t look beyond Earthern Oven in Candolim. They’ve got all the classics — from the Tandooris to the tikkas and whatnot. Pile your plate high with delicacies like Doodhiya {pumpkin} kebab, Palak aur Anjeer Kebab {spinach and figs}, and creamy gravies for maximum satisfaction.

German Bakery At Anjuna

Tucked into one of the many bylanes of Anjuna, this is our pick of the many German bakeries that dot Goa. Surrounded by greenery, this place is ideal when you want to a quiet afternoon with a book. In between turning pages, make it a point to sample their vegan and vegetarian delicacies that have won rave reviews from customers. Start off with their warm Apple Cinnamon Crepes and then bite into their Spinach and Tofu Burgers, sandwiches, and pizzas. Their desserts are out of the world and everything from their Black Forest Cake to their Lemon Cake is worth a try.

Feature Photo: Natti’s Naturals