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    Order Dairy-Free Milk & Stone-Groundnut Butter For Guilt-Free Indulgence From Nutricion

    Jayati posted on 25 January


    If you’re about to skip dairy and surround yourself with everything healthy, then head to Nutricion for flavoured dairy-free milk, granola bars and other gourmet health food.

    Dairy-Free Milk Gets All The Boys To The Yard

    Nutricion is your one step to everything you need for sticking to a stringent diet vis-à-vis skipping your gluten, dairy or even sugar. They do home-delivery across Mumbai, however, if you prefer seeing your products before buying them, step into one of their stores.

    They have a range of gourmet health products from their freshly baked artisan breads. However, we love it for its exceptionally unique products, dairy-free milk in two different flavours for anyone looking for a vegan or a dairy-free option.

    What We Love

    The dairy-free milk at Nutricion is completely vegan as it’s made with nuts, seeds and grains like oats {190} and almond {INR 190}. You can sign up for their subscription as well.

     In fact, we’re absolutely loving Nutricion for their alternative flours made using pease, sprouts or even sprouted bajra {starting at INR 225}. If you’re in the mood for some snackables, then go for their stone-groundnut butters {and forgo your sugar jams and nutellas} for a healthier alternative. Choose from the mix of pure fruity coconut {INR 390}, hazel choco {INR 630}, hazelnut butter {INR 590} and their power packed almond {INR 430}.

    So, We’re Saying…

    Want to keep your 2017 clean but also want to keep the flavours alive? Order in from Nutricion for guilt-free indulgence.

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