Ten-Second Takeaway

Ambika Khakhra, a women co-operative aims to provide a healthy snacking option in the form of Mobile Khakhra.

Snack On

For the uninitiated, khakhras are thin crackers made from mat bean, wheat flour and oil. Always wondered why khakhras are huge and inconvenient to carry? Us too. So we had to tell you when we stumbled upon a compact, easy-to-carry version of the beloved Gujarati snack in the form of Mobile Khakra. They come in a diverse range of flavours such as jeera {cumin}, mint, onion, pav bhaji {say what?}, panipuri and a lot more. If you prefer going even smaller, there’s a mini recharge version too. We like that they also have diet versions of all their khakras.

So We’re Thinking…

Khakhras are an amazing home grown substitute to the sugar-laden snacks we generally end up consuming – thanks to the low energy levels in the evening. They’re healthy and filling – so make for a savoury snack that can be enjoyed without guilt.

#LBBTip: They do not deliver directly to consumers but are available at your local modern food store.

Cost: INR 65 for a 200g packet

Photo source: Opencage [CC BY-SA-2.5]