Authentic Maharashtrian Food & Exceptional Service At This Pretty Restaurant In Mahim

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What Makes It Awesome?

If you are a true Maharashtrian food fan other than the Mumbai's local vada pav then you must visit Diva Maharashtracha .
Mumbai's first and only Maharashtrian food specialist Restaurant located at Mahim close to Hinduja hospital.

Was very excited to visit this place and had heard a lot about this place. It is divided into 3 restaurants namely Goa Portuguese, Dakshin curry culture, and Diva Maharashtracha. fully owned by Dr. Suhas Awchat (FMR SEM SP, Police Office /DR by profession) and his wife Deepa Awchat (Renowned Master Chef & Author who have won many prestigious Awards)
Once you visit this restaurant do read their testimonials where numerous celebrities/ politicians/ news articles) have been written about their overall hospitality.

Now coming to the food,
We started with the draught beer and along with that we order

Kaju Kothimbir Vadi
(made of Gram flour, coriander leaves, and cashews ) the signature dish of MRS Deepa Awchat

Mini Thali Peeth
Never thought thali peeth can be in such wonderful presentation (mini pancakes of five flavours mixed with spice, Tawa fried & garnished with garlic red and green chutney and a tip of tomato sauce) 100% recommended

Aluchi Vadi
In Gujarati we call it as Patra which is only steam and sauteed with oil but here leaves stuff with a batter of chana dal (Bengal gram) flour, coconut and spices are steamed and then deep-fried making it a crispy bite

In the Main course,
Kala Watanachi Amti
Black gram (black small chana) cooked in coconut, tamarind, and jaggery base gravy flavoured with garam masala (spices) giving a perfect sweet and tangy taste

Vaalache Bhirde
I am not to find out wall white pulses but when we ordered the flavour of onion coconut and garlic made me think to taste it after tasting I enjoyed a lot
Along with this vegetables we ordered all the three varieties of bread rice bhakri (made up of flour rice) jowar bhakri ( made of jowar) and amboli known as Maratha Ghavane (just taste like a uttapam)

Puran Poli
Traditional sweet of Maharashtrian (pancake of cooked Bengal gram with jaggery or sugar flavoured with cardamom and elichi ) and served with ghee

Another traditional sweet of Maharashtrians. We can put it as asa pudding made from cow or buffalo milk

Everything we tried was joy dropping, to say the least as they use in house freshly ground spices under supervision of Mrs. Deepa which enhances & elevates the overall test and make the dish aromatic

The service is quick and the staff takes exceptional care of the guest we are glad when we get to know that a certain percentage of the profit earned is reserved for charity which is an applaudable we soon gonna will visit the other two restaurants which are the Goa Portuguese and the Dakshin curry culture

Thank you personally to Mr. Suhas who gifted a small Siddhivinayak carved in betel nut as he came to know no about my next day anniversary. Thank you Diva Maharastracha for a wonderful evening.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids

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