Nine Online Pet Stores Selling Organic Treats, Personalised Collars And More

Pet lovers, we know you LOVE dolling up your four-legged munchkin. So we’re listing nine top online stores for all your pet needs. Why head out when you can be home chilling with your pooches and simply order away, right? 


JawsnPaws is a popular store at Delhi's Khan Market, but is also online. You can give them a call in case you can’t find what you’re looking for and they’ll send it across to you.

Their USP: The Royal Canin products like Fit32 for cats {INR 957 for two kg’s} and Maxi adult dog food {INR 1,725 for four kg’s} does rather well.

Shell Out: INR 1,000 onward


Apart from having a very interactive and helpful website, Dogkart chooses pet products from their own experience of owning a pet and tells the rest of the word about them. They encourage adoptions and have a panel of vets always ready to answer queries on their websites.

Their USP: Some of their best selling products are Acana pet food (price depends on the size and age of the pet) and Orijen dog food (organic dog food)

Shell Out: INR 500 onward

P.S: They also deliver their products for free.


BarksnLicks is another awesome find. They have grooming options for your pets and their accessories are worth a look.

Their USP: Their Green Gremlin Poochlight-Light Up Flashing Dog Collar is quite fascinating. Priced at INR 2,890, we’re not sure how your pet would take to the green glow, but you sure as hell won’t lose him in the dark. They also have Kokos organic coconut oil priced at INR 200. Definitely check that out.

Shell Out: INR 700 onward

Heads Up For Tails

HUFT sure has come a long way. They do some awesome made to order dog jackets which and so many more cutesy stuff that will leave you in awe.

Their USP: We love their furniture and accessories for cats. They've also got a very cool 'Mommy's favorite child' tshirt in pink for dogs that we really have our eyes on. If you’re a feline lover, they have a dedicated ‘meow’ section and some really good food stuff for your pets.

Shell Out: INR 700 onward


Petshop18 is a reasonably priced online store with discounted prices on product for your pooches. If you’re looking for food items then the pricing is just about right and affordable.

Their USP: They've got cool toys, treats, supplements and beddings for your pooch. 

Shell Out: INR 200 onward

P.S: Their website keeps having offers every month. Avail that sale!

Pet’s World

Another very reasonably priced online store, they have fish food, Jerhigh dog treats, and discounted prices starting at affordable. Do visit the ‘Wag Shop’ to see their products and the prices.

Their USP: Go for their dog training pads, dental chew toys, or dog whistles. They come at really good costs. Apart from that, they've obviously got it all. You'll find organic treats, wet food, clothes, accessories and a lot more. 

Shell Out: INR 200 onward

Dog Bazar

Honestly we weren’t very smitten with their website or their communication skills at first, but when we explored what they do, they completely turned our heads around!

Their USP: Dog Bazar provides hotel accommodation for your pets! All you have to do is fill up a form giving all the relevant details. They also have dog couture and spa & grooming discounts!

Shell Out: INR 1,000 onward

Marshalls Pet Zone

Based out of Andhra Pradesh, these guys do a swell line of kickass dog jackets.

Their USP: Most of their jackets come with quirky captions and witty stuff like ‘Adidog’ or ‘Sexy and I know it’. They also have a huge collection of goodies for your cats.

Shell Out: INR 700 onward


From exclusive international brands for your pets to customised wagtags, Dogspot does it all.

Their USP: Apart from pet products, they also have a veterinary hospital they work with and an adoption centre where you can adopt a four legged furry friend from. Check out some of their product combos, with a 15% off.

Shell Out: INR 800 onward