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Mumbai's Domestic Workers Will Sing, Dance And Crack Jokes At This Open Mic Night

    What Is It?

    To commemorate International Women’s Day on March 8 Pitaara – The Art Box is organising a heart-warming open mic night for the domestic workers out of their Goregaon Space. Catch a few of the house maids taking stage and showing off their talent to their family members and the regular audience 7pm onwards.

    Who Is It For?

    Everyone. This beautiful event has been conceptualised by Sangeeta Vyas, the brainchild behind Pitaara. She tells us the seed for the event comes from her own personal beliefs as she truly believes in providing such an encouraging platform to the domestic workers. It also makes for a fitting celebration of the day and what it entails, that is to celebrate women of all shapes, sizes, colour, caste, and class.

    Why Should I Go?

    To support these lovely women who on every single day of their lives make our lives easier and comfortable. So far at least eight ‘bais’ have registered thanks to their employers including Sangeeta’s house-maid, Anita Shetty. They’ll be up on the stage singing, dancing or just showing off their witty selves. Bursting with talent, these Mumbai bais will be there to entertain us all, once again bringing joy to our lives.

    Or just go there to simply be a part of this beautiful cause.

    Anything Else?

    The bais will be accompanied by their husbands or at least one member from the family for support and applauses. For the regular audience, there’s an entrance fee of INR 200 that will help the organisers with the sundry expenses of the event and a small tea session that will follow the open mic.

    So, We’re Saying…

    Events like these are hard to come by. This one especially celebrates and champions the unsung heroes of the city by giving them a platform to highlight their talent and more. This one truly is an homage to the International Women’s Day tradition, and we’re lauding it.

    Find the event on Facebook here.