Ten-Second Takeaway

Bandra now hasĀ a bit of old world charm with a British-themed bar and diner, The English Department, situated at Linking Road.

All Hail The Queen


The English Department as promised, is and was all about the UK. We entered the place and were immediately hit by a strange feeling of British nostalgia. The Victorian obsession and decor, which started off with the London Bridge-shaped bar, spilled onto the Queen’s busts hung on the wall. All in good humour, we did find it fascinating that the staff was dressed in an English gentleman’s attire – all very late 60s. A Royal Guard’s statue greets you at the door, however the music is just like any other bar’s – remixed and upbeat.

Chow Down

18012017_EnglishDepartmentBarandDiner_AD_03Moving on to the mains, we got the mushroom latte {soup} which was creamy and delectable. If you’re for Brit food, go the Shephard’s pie way, and their classic fish n chips.

#LBBTip: If you’re in for a quick bite, then you may be disappointed as the food does take a while. We suggest, keep your patience on, sip on the drinks and enjoy the wonderfully weird setting around you.

Sip On

We must point out here, the bar is pretty impressive. It’s shaped like the London Bridge at one end of the restaurant. They offer cocktails, mocktails, beer and more. At offer is the pimms cup, remi hot toddy, classics like LITs and your Bloody Mary’s {INR 200 upwards}.

So, We’re Saying…

Skip your British Airways and cab it to Bandra for a diner experience. The decor is overtly British and the food just about British enough for us to make a trip again.

Photos: Aman Deshmukh/LBB